vineri, 30 martie 2012

Rose was mentioned in TVD 3x18 "The Murder of One"

Wow ... it feels SO good to learn that they didn't forget ROSE ... even though Elena said "A vampire named Rose" ... we know for sure it's our Rose because she's the one that turned Katherine ;) And maybe ... if we're lucky enough, in one of the next episodes (or even in season 4 .. I don't mind) there'll be a flashback to Rose's transformation ... wouldn't this be great ??? For me, it would be.

OH MY GOD~!!! You know what ... I posted this like 20 minutes ago and now I'm updating it with an even bigger idiot smile on my face :D ROSE ... appears in the promo for 3x19 "Heart of Darkness" !!!!! And we didn't know ... absolutely ANYTHING ... wow ... well that was quite a surprise

How am I are we supposed to wait until APRIL 19th ???????

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