joi, 7 august 2014

Lauren Cohan's red sandals at the San Diego Comic Con 2014

First of all I wanna say that I'm very, very sorry for the not-so-short hiatus here on the blog. Life gets complicated and people get busy, unfortunately. I also want to say that I really need help here, so, if you liked this blog and want it to keep going, should know that I need help. Anyone who is interested and thinks they can do this "job" is welcome. Contact me @LaurenCohanRo

And now ...let's get to what's really important: I mean have you seen these sandals??? They're glorious...beautiful, ellegant - perfect!

Buy them HERE

duminică, 20 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan's famous triangle necklace !

You all probably noticed that beautiful upside down triangle necklace that Lauren is wearing very often, lately. And I'm guessing you all love it as much as I do (and as much as she does, giving the fact that she's wearing it so often). Well, it's the "Sharp Angles Necklace" by Nasty Gal and you can buy it HERE for $ 15

Lauren's Style at the Vancouver FanExpo (day 1 - apr 19th) - exact -

Yesterday (April 19th 2014), Lauren was at the FanExpo in Vancouver, representing The Walking Dead. She wore a beautiful denim shirt by DIESEL accessorized with a spike necklace (the same she wore at the Walker Stalker Convention, back in March).
You can buy the shirt HERE

And you can find a "close call" of the necklace in our post about her style at the WalkerStalker Con, here.

Have a very Happy Easter, Lauren lovers!

vineri, 11 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan using Whish Body Products!

Yesterday, our queen, miss Lauren Cohan, posted this photo (below) on her Instagram account, saying "Thank you to my dear friends Whish Body Products for these, you know me too well!"

Well now we know how she has that wish body, right? Haha.
If you want to buy these, try finding where you can, by clicking HERE  or you can buy online (I'll give you the links below)

And now if we do a little bit of math (just for fun, cause math is always so fun haha)... we'll see what Lauren has there (and how much it costs)

  • Body Wash  - $ 18,00 (buy)
  • Sugar Scrub x2 - ($ 38,00 each) = $ 76,00 (buy)
  • Shave Crave x2 - ($ 20,00 each) = $ 40,00 (buy)
  • Body Butter x2 - ($ 24,00 each) = $ 48,00 (buy)
  • Hair Inhibiting Gel - $ 26,00 (buy)

duminică, 6 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Gemy Maalouf skirt for the STNDRD Magazine Photoshoot

Remember the gorgeous photoshoot that Lauren did for the STNDRD Magazine? Well, here is one skirt that she wore in one of the photos which I personally adore <3

Gemy Maalouf

Thank you to Gillies's Girl & Gemy Maalouf for the help!

marți, 18 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Christian DIOR for the LA Magazine Photoshoot

I think Lauren Cohan should become the new "face of Dior", because their clothes look absolutely wonderful on her. Don't you think?
Thank you Tonia, again, for the help <3

luni, 17 martie 2014

Lauren's Style at the Walker Stalker Convention - Day 3 - March 16th 2014

First of all, I have to announce that this is the CLOSE LOOK - I don't know exactly what Lauren wore but these clothes/jewels are very similar.
I liked her clothes at the WS Con so much! The necklace is my fave, I have to admit <3

The links where to buy these, below:

And thank you very much to the girl that shared the photo of Lauren!