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"Memphis baby" - Part 2: Trip to Elvis Presley

So after she tweeted about her trip with her dad - she tweeted photos (a little later). Ok maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that I told her to, but ... she tweeted them - and that's what matters.
 She's just ... I don't know, I have no words .. she's BEAUTIFUL and I think this word covers it pretty much.

Then she tweeted about Elvis Presley's memorial house in Memphis: "Today at Elvis' house. I just found out our birthday's are a day apart!!! Elvis is the 8th of January and I'm the 7th."; "His living room was my favourite."

Okay, and then this video, saying "One word. Courage." You can hear her screaming at 00:07. That's her voice for sure :)

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Twitter Update: "Memphis baby"

Lauren tweeted again, earlier today, about her & her dad's trip.

"Hi all...with my Dad driving cross country for the first time! Left Bricktown, Oklahoma city this morn, next stop Memphis baby! We did 16 hours then burger and beer at bricktown brewery. Proper way to finish the day. ;)"

Aww, that's a nice way to end the week. Nothing's better than traveling with your daddy. I know it myself ... it's just lovely. So I hope she has a great time & tweet pics later or tomorrow.

But wait ... I almost forgot ... she replied to us (@LaurenCohanRo) AGAIN :) I feel like she's starting to love me <3 you know that kind of ... "I have a(nother) true fan". I should have made the twitter account a LONG time ago ... now she would know how long we've been supporting her. But later is better than never, right? 
So do you think that ":) "means that she likes it, or that she agrees with the fact that she has two personalities ... I mean .. not really two personalities ... but look how different she looks. It's like they're sisters ... but it's the same girl.

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New (and exclusive) photos from C2E2 & HD Video

Thanks so much to this lovely girl, Charisse (CLK Photography) for giving us some new pics from Creation Comic & Entertainment Expo ... and (bonusss) some exclusive-to-our-blog new pics!! She's a sweetheart. And the photos - as sweet as she is! Enjoy! (preview below)

About her look: Dress (with black & red lines) + Short jacket + leggings / tights = Laurenzing.
And the HD video from the panel:

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Lauren at bowling with Steven Yeun and Chris Hardwick (and others)

Do you remember when we asked Lauren what's next in her agenda and .. she said "bowling with Chris Hardwick" (@nerdist)? .... if not:
Okay, so it was last week, and Steven Yeun posted two photos on Twitter - and then removed them :(
But as luck keeps smiling at me ... I found (thanks to @lycoris_blood) one of them:
They look like they had fun!
Can't wait for the video to come out!!

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New interview with Lauren, from MCM Expo

DIY (http://www.thisisfakediy.co.uk) has an interview of Lauren from MCM Expo in Birmingham.

How did it feel coming into an already established cast in Season Two?
Amazing. I think the story that I've gotten to tell as Maggie and as part of the whole Greene family has been very exciting. To be a family that hasn't been exposed to the whole - as Hershel would call it - a virus. And then literally just to be side swiped first by the group and then by the zombies like we see at the end of the season. We've basically gotten to do everything under the sun in Season Two and there's still more to come in Season Three!

How is it to play love scenes when you're surrounded by carnage?
I think it makes it easier in a way and I think when you're on The Walking Dead and you're thinking about if you only had your few loved ones left your access to your emotions is very close to the surface so it's been good. I think what's great about Maggie and Glen is the solace that they find in each other. You know it's an unlikely situation but their bond is actually there regardless of the apocolypse.

In the finale there's a great scene with Maggie driving while Glen is shooting zombies from the car window. How much of the driving did you do yourself?
All the driving. All of it. The stunt guys were all there, the stunt guys on our show are absolutely incredible. And it was just, "don't drive too fast and don't hit anybody." Everyone's a lot closer than they seem camera wise, some of the shots there's a camera rigged onto the front of the car. It's scary though [laughs].

Do you know what's going to happen with Maggie in future Seasons?
To a certain degree it follows the comic book, she has a lot to do this Season, she gets a lot tougher. We're really out there in the wild now there's no safety anymore. I can't wait, I literally cannot wait, I've got goosebumps now when I think about it! It's fun because the writers talk to us a lot about our relationships with the characters and our ideas for that but they're still very tight lipped about what's coming. I wish I could give you more teasers than that!

New photos, videos & stories from #C2E2

The videos with the TWD panel at C2E2 are up, and ready to be seen:

And a video with Lauren's zombie walk (because walker walk sounds ... well .. funny) only!
I added some screencaps in the gallery, and other photos taken by fans (wich we thank a million!)!
Gallery > Events and Appearances > Lauren @ C2E2 - Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

And a very little fan story from cozycatastrophe on Tumblr:
"Went to C2E2 this weekend and met Lauren Cohan and Steven Yuen, who were there mainly for Walking Dead. But Lauren did a little dance and sang a little song when she got to sign my Supernatural S3 dvd set. It was quite adorable. I wish I could have gotten video."
Hahaha .. I wish she could have gotten video, too. Just imagine Lauren dancing and singing ... c'monn ... I've never seen her doing that. Not even in movies.

One more thing:
She and Steven stopped a minute to take a photo with a fan before they left Chicago, so sweet!

ComicBookResources: "Yeun and Cohan look ahead to Walking Dead Season 3"

There's a nice article about Lauren & Steven at  http://www.comicbookresources.com So I thought ... why not share? ;) Yep so here it is:

"Actors Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan, Glenn and Maggie on AMC's "The Walking Dead" television series based on the Robert Kirkman-written comic book series, took the stage before a standing room only crowd for a panel discussion at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on Saturday afternoon. The pair discuss the relationship between their characters, looked back on the events of Season 2, what it's like working on the show, and teased the events of Season 3 before an appreciative and engaged crowd.
The crowd, many of whom were dressed as zombies, began gathering an hour before the panel and completely filled the IGN auditorium at C2E2. Every seat was taken; many were forced to stand. Yeun and Cohan appeared taken aback, and both took a moment to film the crowd when they first took their seats on the dais to talk about the show.
The panel's moderator, IGN's Chris Carl, said everyone seemed to be cheering for the Glenn and Maggie relationship in online outlets and elsewhere. "I think it's great that people enjoy hope in general," said Yeun. "The show that we're on is pretty brutal sometimes."
"I love seeing first love documented. I love all the games people play. I love movies about first love," Cohan said. "I just love the fact that -- I love -- that we have this really human story that's incredibly simple, in this horrible world that we're living in."
"I don't think they're necessarily playing games in terms of like, 'oh I'm going to wait three days before I text her back,'" said Yeun. "It's realistic. I think [fans] were upset, and they were, like, 'Glenn, what is wrong with you? Why are you not going after this beautiful girl, she wants you.' But, it's interesting to see someone balk at that, when it's clearly obvious, because in that situation, there's a lot of internal struggle that the Zombie Apocalypse gives to a person -- dead guys trying to eat you -- it makes for a really interesting part of their relationship that I think solidified it. To go through that. Instead of being like, 'I like you, you like me. I like boobs, you like other stuff...' It was good it built up to a good thing."

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Steven & Lauren about The Walking Dead at C2E2

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan – who play lovestruck couple Glenn and Maggie in AMC’s The Walking Dead - were in Chicago this past weekend for the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).
During a panel about the show, Yeun and Cohan answered questions about the reality of romance during a zombie armageddon, how they felt at the end of shooting, and what Season 3 will be like for the survivors, now that Rick has taken a somewhat darker character turn.

Yeun and Cohan were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd at the event, prompting both to talk about how the show’s success has changed their lives; when they walk down the street now, they’re recognized as Glenn and Maggie. For Yeun, it even meant meeting a fan in Korea who waited for an entire day at a coffee shop near his hotel because he had gone there once earlier. Said Yeun: “I felt bad that she’d waited for me, so I bought her a hot chocolate.”
Another reason Yeun and Cohan received such a warm welcome was because they play two of the most popular characters on the show. In a series with lots of annoying characters that you’d almost rather see get eaten, Glenn and Maggie offer a bit of hope in a world that could desperately use it.
Yeun and Cohan spoke about their characters’ relationship and what it means for the show:

Lauren: I love the fact that there’s this incredibly human story, that’s incredibly simple in this horrible world that we’re living in.
Yeun: It’s realistic, you know. I think people were upset, like “Glenn, what’s wrong with you? Why are you not going after this beautiful girl? She wants you.” It’s interesting to see someone balk at that when it’s clearly obvious, because, in that situation, there’s a lot of internal struggle that the zombie apocalypse gives to a person.
 They also talked about the Walking Dead comic books and why they stopped reading them after a while:
Lauren: I’ve read to about halfway through the prison, but I don’t want to go beyond that. I think Maggie’s character has changed. It’s too confusing. It’s nice to just invest in the script medium.
Yeun: I think the show has kind of turned into its own thing. Definitely paying homage to the original material – but why wouldn’t people want two forms of entertainment? You don’t want people to see the exact [same thing], so I think to read ahead would be kind of a disservice to the show.
Lauren: It’s funny because Robert [Kirkman] was saying last night, as well, that he gets bored himself because he’s already done the stories with the comic, so he’s actually eager to create new fantastic deaths.
 And speaking of the prison, the actors both couldn’t share any details of what the new location would entail because they haven’t “broken story” on the first half of Season 3. However, Yeun and Cohan did touch on how Rick’s transition into a more assertive and aggressive leader in the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale may impact the group moving forward.
Yeun: You see people really at a crossroads between what’s right and what’s wrong. You even saw Rick falter a little bit. Shane’s gone now, so there’s no other side of the coin. Now it’s up to people to make their own choices, and now it’s a “Ricktatorship.”
Lauren: I think [Rick killing Shane] had to happen. I think Shane wanted him to do it. I think he was egging him on to do it. They couldn’t both wear the crown so to speak.
Yeun: It’s someone not being predictable. With Rick, I think you could always kind of see what he was going to do and the choices he was going to make, but now you don’t know because he went a little bit, slightly bonkers.
Lauren: Ever since the bar scene, when he killed those two guys, I think it’s very interesting to see the divide in his character.
Yeun: It’s like he’s grown a third ball. He’s got an extra ball to facilitate what’s going on.
 Thanks to ScreenRant for the article!

FanVid: Lauren Cohan | Young Alexander of Macedonia [Last Chance]

Who do you think made a fanvideo for Lauren's appearance in the movie "Young Alexander of Macedonia" only a day after the trailer came out ? That's right !! The super zupper SuperDottie! Enjoy !!

Lauren on Twitter yesterday - April 15 2012

Wowsh (Wow+Gosh=Wowsh) ... Lauren was on twitter yesterday and she talked about so MANY things! I think I should enumerate them, shouldn't I?

First Topic - Dreams do come true, guyz:
She REPLIED .. to me (us, LaurenCohanRo)
I'm still in shock and last night I dreamt of her, because of that. I just love her so muchhhh!!!!
First I asked her what's next in her "agenda" ... and:
Ok, so this week .. bowling with Chris Hardwick, and how I stressed her way too much yesterday, I'm going to make HIM tweet photos of them. I mean c'mon, we HAVE to see Lauren playing bowling don't we?

Then, as she was replying to fans, I asked her to give me an "xo" ... and guess what ? She gave me TWO !!
Now I'm back to normal I can say, but yesterday, after she tweeted me, I had 3 stages:
  1.  Couldn't breathe, my heart stopped beating!
  2.  Singing "I love Lauren Co, so put another dime in the jukebox baby, I love Lauren Co, so come and take the time and dance with me"   lol, I know .. it's crazy
  3.  And finally ... dancing in the front of the PC. I'm just so happy .. yey!!!
Second topic - Epic movie:
She tweeted the trailer of "Young Alexander of Macedonia"!!!
She and her co-stars from this movie, were talking about it. Then I asked them when will we see the movie, and her friend & co-star Amy Shiels tweeted "Exactly how many fan clubs do you have Cohan haha! xxx?" Hmm .. should I think she saw my tweet ?? I hope so ;)
But wait, there's a longer trailer for this movie:
Wowsh again, I can't wait to see the movie !!! It's gonna be epic !!

Third topic - Dog shelters:
I said it before, and I'm saying this now: Lauren Cohan is a wonderful person!
Tweet: "This is for Atlantans...I'm looking 4a dog shelter that needs help when I get there, if u no one or you run one please tweet me about it.;)" like I said .. WONDERFUL!! She cares about her fans enough much to tweet them back, and she cares about animals enough much to help a shelter. Aww, if I just see a photo of her and a puppy I'm dead !! And maybe she should colaborate with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on helping animals. I mean c'monnnnn .. she and Ian make a great team.

And as a bonus, Steven Yeun posted another pic of them both, a few minutes before they left Chicago or they had left Chi-town already, anyway,  at a hat shop haha;)

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The Walking Dead ATAS Panel

The Walking Dead Cast & Crew were at The ATAS Convention on friday, april 13th.
I added the other photos in the gallery, check out:

First photos of Lauren @ C2E2

So, we've got some pics from C2E2 ... wich are amazing. But first, you've to see this *crazy* photo Steven Yeun posted on Twitter ! Yey Steven! Thanksss!!
Aren't they sweet together ? 

But now, let's get to the other photos. See a preview below:
Aww, look how adorable she is with glasses on! 

Note: Don't forget to check the gallery, because I won't make a post every single time I post a new pic .. so just check the gallery and you'll see newsss. Also, for updates in time follow us on Twitter: @LaurenCohanRo

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Steven Yeun posted a photo of Lauren in Chicago, today

Haha .. Steven posted the pic below on Twitter saying: "Welcome to Chicago, Lauren Cohan!" and just a minute later, she tweeted a photo of him ... saying simply .. "Hi!" haha. This is also the only pic we have of her from Chicago ... maybe some #C2E2 pics will show later ... let's hope, let's hope, let's hope!
Oh, just look at her innocent, perfect childish face ! She's .. just .. oh, my .. I'm speechless ...she's beautiful , but in a very special way !!

Lauren is already in Chicago !!

Wow ... a few minutes ago, Lauren tweeted: "My first ever view of the Chicago skyline. Straight from the airport at 5 am. I love this city already." she also posted this picture:
In case you've forgotten, she's in Chicago with Steven Yeun for the #C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertaimnent Expo). Let's hope we'll have photos of her soon. And let's hope she tweets more photos .. that would be awesome.

Dress like Lauren - MCM Expo 2012

Did you love Lauren's look at MCM Expo in Birmingham (Day 1) ?
Yeah .. me too :)) haha
And guess what ? I've got the "close call" of her clothes :) But it's just for american fans :( sorry
Like I said .. close calls ;)

BLOUSE: Graciela Blouse - $14.99 - Buy HERE
BLAZER: Candie's Ruched Linen Blazer - $31.99 - Buy HERE

Side Reel - The Buzz: Lauren Cohan becomes a series regular

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan gets a promotion! I'm Alex and it's all coming up on The Buzz.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Hershel's daughter Maggie has officially been promoted to series regular for season 3, according to TVLine. Of course, as we've seen from previous show regulars who shall remain nameless, series regular status doesn't necessarily guarantee that she'll make it out alive, but it's safe to say that Glenn & Maggie fans can look forward to seeing at least a little more of the duo coming up this fall. Check back with us at SideReel for more Walking Dead scoop during the spring and summer hiatus.

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MCM Expo: Official Photos from "I Am Birmingham.net"

Yey! I found some more pics of Lauren ( and TWD) at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con ... I can call them  "official photos" because they aren't with fans of taken by fans .. they are taken by IAmBirmingham.net ;)
 I LOVE THEM! But that's not all I got .. this is just a ... how should I call it ? a sneek peak haha ... see the others in the gallery!

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New photo of Lauren @ MCM Expo Day 2

Thanks so much to Kai for giving us this pic!!
Gosh I can't stop loving Lauren's smile .. maybe one day I'll make a collage with all her kinds of smiles ... what do you think ??

Lauren is promoted to series regular on The Walking Dead's Season 3

Lauren Cohan is heading into The Walking Dead‘s third season with a most rare gift: job security.
The actress — who recurred throughout the AMC smash’s killer second season as Hershel’s eldest daughter, Maggie — has been elevated to a full-fledged series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively.
While the promotion would seem to indicate that Glenn’s sweetheart will figure prominently in the show’s upcoming third season, it by no means guarantees she’ll make it out of the season alive. Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn were both full-timers when their characters, Shane and Dale respectively, were whacked.
The Walking Dead‘s 16-episode third season, slated to premiere this fall, will likely be divided into two part (much the same way Season 2 was). “The idea is we will do eight-and-eight,” exec producer Robert Kirkman recently told TVLine. “Getting eight-and-eight will almost be like doing two seasons a year, which is cool.”
Cohan, meanwhile, is keeping busy during her hiatus. The actress is set to be “resurrected” on The Vampire Diaries on April 19.
Thanks to TVLine.Com for making us smile! You all smile, don't you? Cause I do !!

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Lauren in the Twitter's Follow Friday Ranking

Hey guyzz! I have good news (sort of). Lauren has been ranked as the most recommended celebrity on this weeks Follow Friday.
Pretty awesome, right? :) Xoxo.

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Lauren at the sea with whales !!!

Aww, I'm so freakin' happy & excited. First because Lauren is on Twitter right now, and she's tweeting photos. And second (DRUMS) because me and @MsAndrewLincoln made her tweet the photos !!!! Yeah, I know ... it's unbeliaveble ... but it's the truth .. and I have proof haha.

Update: I forgot to mention, she was on the Long Beach in California :)
See, we drove her crazy, but then she liked the idea, so she took & posted pics ... now let's see them:
"Whale! Ok, roll with me, quarter of the way from the top in the middle. :) "
 Then the "Lauren in sailing mode"
 "For da whales"
OMG, I'm in love with the pics! Ok,so here's the plan: next time she's on Twitter, we're tweeting and tweeting and tweeting to her, until she posts a photo haha ... but not too much, we don't want to annoy her.

Okay! This is cool

Found this little thing on Twitter (don't remember who posted it, sorry) and thought it's pretty awesome, so .. here it is ;)

2 New photos of Lauren at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

Thank you so much, to Chez for giving us (exclusively) these amazing photos of Lauren while she was giving autographs and talking to fans. She's just as we know her ... SMILEY! Thanks again Chez ♥ !
 And, that's not all: she also got autographs from Lauren and Melissa McBride, on a Walking Dead Poster.
Lucky girl, isn't she?

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BuddyTV about Lauren's return in Vampire Diaries

Well, well, well .. what do we have here ? Some sites decided to just make us go crazy with their articles .. well .. there's nothing new, since we've seen the promo .. but it's worth reading.
BuddyTV.Com wrote this one!
"Heart of Darkness" finds Elena and Damon traveling to Colorado to meet up with Jeremy-in-exile. Why? Apparently they want to use Jeremy's intermittent talking-to-the-dead talents to ask the vampire Rose who sired her. That way, the Salvatores will be able to figure out which Original needs to stay alive.

Because it wouldn't be any fun to just watch Jeremy talk to empty air, Rose herself (Lauren Cohan), does indeed make an appearance.

Videos from MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

The Panel (Day 1)


I have added screencaps (made by me) and some other pics in the gallery!

Glen Mazzara about Lauren in the Season 3 of TWD

So, while Glen Mazzara was tweeting about the Walking Dead Season 3 (something with season 3, I hope I got it right haha) I asked him if there's anything with our precious Lauren Cohan ... and the answer was:
Haha, of course the answer was "Of course" ;) We'll see her in season 3, too. That we already knew, my next question would be: for how long?  (Remember: Mail -  laurencohan_romania@yahoo.com ; Twitter - @LaurenCohanRo).

TV Line about Rose's return in Vampire Diaries

So TV Line has an article about Lauren's return on The Vampire Diaries for the next episode (or maybe more?). Let's see:
"The Walking Dead actress/Supernatural alumna appears briefly in a promo for the CW saga’s next new episode (airing April 19), reprising her role as Rose, the likeable vamp who midway through Season 2 suffered a horrific werewolf-bite death.
In the upcoming installment, titled “Heart of Darkness”, Damon and Elena head to Denver to check on Jeremy — and since they’re already there, why not have baby bro put to good use his “I See Dead Vampires” skills?"
Hahah ... that's funny. And yeah, they should make Jeremy see her as often as possible, because people REALLY missed her.

FanVid: Damon & Rose - No switch you can turn off

Thanks to the sweet SuperDottiie on YouTube for making this video ... I think it says exactly Damon & Rose's story. Awesome! Great job, love! Also, follow her on Twitter - @MsAndrewLincoln , she's a HUGE Lauren Cohan fan :)

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Canvas Warriors' Rose/Bela Charm Bracelet

So, as you might have seen, Lauren wore a very nice blue bracelet at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con. It was designed by Canvas Warriors, and they gave it to her (you know, present).

So, let's describe the bracelet a little:
The Rose/Bela bracelet has SPN &TVD charms. SPN CHARMS: Team Winchester, Colt, John Winchester’s journal, Sam & Dean’s Tattoo, Dean’s Amulet. TVD CHARMS: Vampire Fangs, Team Damon, Damon ring charm, White rose, Mystic Falls. All of these charms are put onto a Blue Suede wrap bracelet.
Thanks to Lauren Cohan Fanclub for description! 
Click "Read More" for the romanian translation.

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New pic from Mega Con

Awww, thanks to LaurenCohanFC for the pic!

MCM Expo Birminghan Comic Con Update

I've updated the gallery with more photos from both Day 1 and Day 2 of MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con! Check them out ! Lauren looks ... well (as alwaysss) flawless.

Also, you can see a video in wich she appears a little: