joi, 19 aprilie 2012

New photos, videos & stories from #C2E2

The videos with the TWD panel at C2E2 are up, and ready to be seen:

And a video with Lauren's zombie walk (because walker walk sounds ... well .. funny) only!
I added some screencaps in the gallery, and other photos taken by fans (wich we thank a million!)!
Gallery > Events and Appearances > Lauren @ C2E2 - Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

And a very little fan story from cozycatastrophe on Tumblr:
"Went to C2E2 this weekend and met Lauren Cohan and Steven Yuen, who were there mainly for Walking Dead. But Lauren did a little dance and sang a little song when she got to sign my Supernatural S3 dvd set. It was quite adorable. I wish I could have gotten video."
Hahaha .. I wish she could have gotten video, too. Just imagine Lauren dancing and singing ... c'monn ... I've never seen her doing that. Not even in movies.

One more thing:
She and Steven stopped a minute to take a photo with a fan before they left Chicago, so sweet!

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