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FanVid: Speed drawing of Lauren Cohan as Maggie

I don't know... I love it ... I think you guys will love it too :)

Thanks Erica, and congrats on your amazing work!

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Lauren shared her alarm with us!

Check it out! I clicked only because Lauren shared it at first, but now I think I'm going to use it as my ringtone, actually. I love this kind of music very much <3 Very good taste, Lauren :)

"Setting my alarm to these happy sounds x" - HERE is the link she shared, or you can listen to it on YouTube:

I'm so happy that she is sharing these little things with us ... I don't know about you guys, but they matter to me very much!

UPDATE: Little Daylight thanks Lauren for sharing their song!

luni, 25 februarie 2013

Lauren shared 2 new photos on Twitter

Apparently, our beloved Lauren Cohan was in Connecticut yesterday, walking and drinking lots of tea (according to her tweets) with her aunties. She shared 2 amazing photos (though, they would have been more amazing if she was in them too haha).

duminică, 24 februarie 2013

First photo of Lauren on set of Law & Order: SVU

Oh my gosh... I have no words to express myself right now!! Just look at her...she's perfect!
Also .. is that a wig ? I think so ...

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Lauren Cohan to Guest Star in 'Law & Order: SVU's' 'Legitimate Rape' Episode

Lauren Cohan is going fromThe Walking Dead to Law & Order: SVU.
During the episode, set for late March, Cohan will play Avery Jordan, a popular sports reporter who accuses her cameraman of raping her. When she learns she's pregnant from the encounter, she opts to keep the baby. The role of the cameraman has yet to be cast.The actress has been tapped to guest-star in the long-running NBC procedural's "Legitimate Rape" episode, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.
The episode will focus on the "legitimate rape" controversy that erupted during the 2012 election when Senate nominee Todd Akin, R-Miss., said that pregnancy rarely occurs as the result of what he called "legitimate rape." (Akin later issued an apologyfor his remarks.)
For Cohan, the casting comes after her Walking Deadcharacter Maggie was sexually abused during an episode of the zombie drama earlier this season.
In addition to Walking Dead, Cohan's credits includeThe Vampire Diaries, Chuck and Supernatural. She's repped by APA and Liberman-Zerman.

I'm so happy omg!! Congrats Lauren !!!! Can't wait to see  this role come true!
Also I love the way they said "she's repped by APA and Liberman-Zerman <3 Don't know why, I just loved it.

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First Stills from TWD 3x11 "I Ain't a Judas"

We have the first 2 stills from the eleventh episode of The Walking Dead, named "I Ain't A Judas". Enjoy!

TWD Live in Kansas - from Jessie's point of view

So I asked this girl, Jessie if she had any photos from the event in Kansas (As I usually do, lol, I'm annoying I know) and then she gave me the link to her tumblr ... (wich is .. let me tell you ... a piece of heaven for all Norman Reedus fans).

First, enjoy the amazing pics :)

And here's her little story (I selected only the parts about Lauren :p ):
"Finally I turned to Lauren & shook her hand & told her how much I loved her on Supernatural as Bela & love her accent. She was super sweet & even more beautiful in person."

Thank you so much Jessie !! 

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New Exclusive photos + Full Panel - Kansas City

Thank you very much to Kyle Parks for giving us some exclusive photos of Lauren at the TWD Live in Kansas, and for uploading on youtube the full panel !!

New / Old Photos of Lauren @ MCM Expo in Birmingham March 31st 2012

Christopher Lloyd was sweet enough to give us some photos of Lauren signing his photo and chatting a little bit, in Birmingham - march 2012. We thank you so much Chris :)

Lauren Cohan for Merc Clothing - Old photo

I have found an extremely rare photo of Lauren in her model years. The pic is for Merc Clothing and she's in it with another model (and maybe friend) Jordan Dalby.
Then, I've chopped and croped it a little bit so that I can put it in the "Studio Photoshoots", too.

Lauren Cohan - TWD Live in Milwaukee - Feb 16th 2013

We have a few photos from last night's TWD Live in Milwaukee! Enjoy!
Lauren looked so beautiful, and I think that pink clothes look very good on her !

New Photos (some even in HQ) from the event in Kansas !!

But first ... few minutes ago Lauren tweeted this photo of the crowd in Kansas and said "Yesterday in KC big kiss". 

And now let's get to the photos from fans part ... 
First bunch of photos (the ones that you'll see in the gallery in HQ) are thanks to the generous Diana Geisinger! Then Kyle Parks sent some along (also, I think we're gonna have a little something more - and not photos - from him soon). And few more from Shelley Parks! Thank you SO MUCH guys !! It means so much to me :) 

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Vlog: Walking Dead Live in Kansas !

FIRST VIDEO - Kansas City Convention - Panel

The Walking Dead Live in Cleveland - Full Panel

Yeah, I know I've already uploaded the first part yesteday, but I tought it's better to put it here again so you all can see the whole panel :)

Lauren Cohan | The Walking Dead Live in Kansas City Baby!

Michael Rooker shared this one earlier today. They were eating ribs I think!


Then Norman shared this one! So the Dixon brothers really came through for us, huh? ;)

OMG! Norman holding Lauren in his arms! It's the sweetest thing! <3

During the panel. 

Norman was asked, if he had to choose one person to do a sex scene with and he said 'Maggie' (...well, duh!)

With fans, much luckier than we are....

Lauren trying to "tame the wild Dixon brothers!" But it looks to me like she's just trying to get a picture of their weirdness hehe.
Thanks so much to my wonderful friend Anastasia, for this post!!
I'll put them  in the gallery and search for others today, but thank you for this "head start" as you calls it !!
I love you sis!  - Symonna

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More photos + Videos - Lauren in Cleveland

Lauren looked really so gorgeous last night! Here are some more pics:
(Click on the photo to see all)

And one more, thanks to our sweet Jacquie - in wich Lauren is talking btw - HERE

New interview from An Evening with Walking Dead !!

First EXCLUSIVE photos of Lauren at the Cleveland Convention !!!

Thank you SO MUCH to Jacquie for giving us the first photos of Lauren at the Cleveland Convention.
Wow, they look so beautiful! And Their funny faces lol! Amazing, really! Thank you Jacquie!

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Lauren Cohan "It's no accident that I've been doing a lot of Sci-Fi"

A new interview with our beautiful Lauren, by . She talks about her sci-fi roles (such as TVD's Rose, or SPN's Bella.... and of course TWD's Maggie). Enjoy !

"The Walking Dead may have made a fan favourite out of Lauren Cohan, who plays ass-kicking survivor Maggie Greene, but her association with sci-fi and fantasy goes back to her much loved appearances in the likes of ChuckSupernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.
Yeah,” says Cohan, speaking exclusive to SciFiNow, about her enthusiasm for the genre. “I grew up watchingStar Trek, so I’m a bit of a geek myself. I definitely love fantasy realism and I love the stories that you can tell when you take it just outside of the norm. I like working with these people and telling all these stories, so it’s no accident that I’ve been doing a lot of sci-fi.”
As to whether she plans to stick with the genre, Cohan just laughs.
“I’ve done quite a bit now, so maybe I’ll do something a little more modern or realistic!” says the actor. “But I love that with, that it’s very realistic, but in a very unreal setting. My designs for the future definitely include music and theatre, so I’m getting back into the theatre – I miss live performing a lot. Just… the things you learn, the things you learn!”
Just because she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her career chopping up the walking dead, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her job, and more than that she’s got all the time in the world for followers of the hit show.
“Just with as much time as I have to have an individual relationship with as many people as possible,” says Cohan of her strategy for interacting with her fans. “I just really appreciate how loved the show is. We put so much work into it and the fact people have got this exciting about it is only rewarding to us and to everybody involved in the show when it comes to the fans.
“That’s why I like Twitter. I don’t have time to tweet all the time, but I do like actually having one-on-one engagement with people, because they’re there for the show, and they’re there for us. It’s just great to be taking something from such an epic comic and portraying it in a new media, so I definitely respect this gift that we have right now.” "

2 New Promos for FOX Latinoamerica

Thanks to LaurenCohanFanclub!

2 New promotional photos for The Walking Dead Season 3 !!

We have 2 new amazing photos from the photoshoot for Season 3 of TWD. Check them + others in better quality now, by clicking the photo below:

First stills from TWD 3x10 "Home"

Click HERE to see all the stills of Lauren from TWD (Note: These 2 are the only ones we have yet, of episode 10)

Thanks to for the photos!

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Lauren & Scott Wilson's Podcast for TheWalkerStalkers

The eleventh episode of "The Walker Stalkers with James and Eric" had Lauren Cohan and her on-screen father Scott Wilson as guests!

Listen down here:

Lauren says "Hi" to Latinoamerica

Click on the photo to see the video! ^

Also... could someone put this on YouTube :o3 I can't see it from my country :( If you did please give me a hint  @LaurenCohanRo on Twitter

New Event for Lauren: "An Evening with Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker & Lauren Cohan" at The Riverside Theater

The Riverside Theater is hosting "An Evening with  Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker & Lauren Cohan" in Midland on February 16th (4 days ahh). Live panel discussion, fan Q&A and more!

Saturday, February 16th - 7PM
Saturday, February 16th - 10 PM

For more info check out their official site - HERE and facebook event - HERE

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Personal Photos Update: Lauren and her cousins

Yep. We have a bunch of photos with Lauren and her cousins! Check them out by clicking on the pic below (and scroll down till you actually see them lol)

Wonderful Fanvid: "Punching in a Dream"

I've just seen a fanvid and I loved it so much, and I also realised I haven't shared one of these things in a while so here it is: (PS: my fave part at 0:16) 

Interviews from "An Evening with The Walking Dead"

By TV Legends 

By TV Fanatic

Lauren to attend the PaleyFest 2013

I'm so happy! I've always loved the PaleyFest panels. See the official announcement:

Friday, March 1, 2013: Paleyfest 2013 Opening Night Presents “The Walking Dead”. Starting at 7:00 pm PT at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, California.

The panel will be Moderated by Chris Hardwick, the host of “The Talking Dead”. Scheduled to appear in person are executive producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, and Greg Nicotero along with the shows stars Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Scott Wilson, and Chandler Riggs. For more information on the event head to

Lauren in 2 new commercials for The Walking Dead

First, for FOX Latinoamerica....

And second for FX

Can't wait untill we'll find them in HQ !!! She's so beautiful in both of them!

More Photos from the Simon Perry Photoshoot

I've added more photos of Lauren from the Photoshoot by Simon Perry to the gallery, and also changed some we already had with better quality ones! Check them out, she looks too perfect!

Lauren Cohan Interview Recap !

I collected some (not so old, not so new) interviews of Lauren, that we missed posting! They're about The Walking Dead and about Lauren herself! Enjoy!
About "The Walking Dead" ....
Q: We have gotten to see Maggie evolve through the storylines. How does it feel to be the alpha female?
A: " It's interesting. People were asking if I take on a maternal role with the baby. [That's] not the case — because she is the alpha and so able-bodied. She is more of a soldier. We are going to see more of that — this chick can get stuff done. [There are] huge challenges ahead." 

Q: In the comics, Maggie marries Glenn. Is this something fans can look forward to?
A: I don't know, and it's not something I can say [anything] about now. We will see what the future holds. I would hope, somewhere down the line, we see that. The hopefulness of the couple is great.

Q: About Glenn — is the chemistry as good offscreen as it is on screen?
A: I love Steven, but the chemistry is onscreen. He and I see these conversations people have, and they analyze every "arm touching." We are just good friends. It's like being in college together.

Q: What has been your favorite walker-killing weapon?
A: Machete — l just love that thing. It's just light and quick. You can hook it underneath, get it from the top, or take the head off it with it. It's not too bulky.

                                  ~ Thanks to SheKnows.Com

About Maggie's Death: "I promised myself that it's going to be cool, and she'll go out with a smile" (Thanks to TheClicker.Today.Com)

About Herself wrote about her: She was thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about her work, and she emphasized the familial bond the entire cast has with each other.

Q: You played the strong vampire Rose in The Vampire Diaries and the strong daughter on The Walking Dead. Very pro-female empowerment — are these your ideal roles?
A: Definitely, definitely — I just love it. [I'm] really attracted to strong people with strong morals [and to] playing those types of characters. Maggie is just like a dream role for me. [Starting off], you see this good, Christian girl, and [she] meets a new group. You would have never known any of us would [be] where we are [now], and there's still so much potential for all of us. I feel like she's still the same person, and you just put her in a different context. She is so great to play — she's really just a farm girl. Everyone's pretty normal. You have a sheriff, [a] pizza-delivery kid, and a farm girl (laughs).

                                   ~ Thanks to SheKnows.Com

Q: You flex your singing voice around the campfire in Episode 1 this season. Are you a singer? 
A: Yeah, I do actually sing; I love to sing. I want to start a band; I've just always been concentrating so hard on acting that I haven't put the time into it yet. I fucking love rock. I'd love to do Pat Benatar. Probably either "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" or "We Belong."

Q: Can you do Stevie Nicks?
A: Yes! Oh my god, she's my number one! I just saw the other night, there was a reunion with her and Lindsay Buckingham on MTV and I cried watching it. One of my really good friends in New York is a musician and looks just like Lindsay Buckingham. We always fancied ourselves the nice Fleetwood Mac[laughs].

                                         ~ Thanks to GQ.Com

Q:What do you do for fun?
A:Oh my God! I sing and read about how you live to 100. [Laughs]. And sometimes I go to MJQ, which is in Atlanta. (Thanks to GlobalGrind.Com)

New Stills: The Walking Dead 3x09 "The Suicide King"

I've added to the gallery 5 stills from The Walking Dead 3x09 "The Suicide King". The episode airs tomorrow, on AMC.

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Gallery Updated: Candids

I've added to the gallery, some new candids!

Vancouver, BC - Filming Heavenly on March 22nd 2011

Vancouver, BC - Filming Heavenly on March 23rd 2011

West Hollywood, CA on April 3rd 2012

Hollywood, CA on January 26th 2013

Beverly Hills, CA on January 30th 2013

Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA on February 2nd 2013

Click on the pics to see the gallery!