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Lauren Cohan Interview Recap !

I collected some (not so old, not so new) interviews of Lauren, that we missed posting! They're about The Walking Dead and about Lauren herself! Enjoy!
About "The Walking Dead" ....
Q: We have gotten to see Maggie evolve through the storylines. How does it feel to be the alpha female?
A: " It's interesting. People were asking if I take on a maternal role with the baby. [That's] not the case — because she is the alpha and so able-bodied. She is more of a soldier. We are going to see more of that — this chick can get stuff done. [There are] huge challenges ahead." 

Q: In the comics, Maggie marries Glenn. Is this something fans can look forward to?
A: I don't know, and it's not something I can say [anything] about now. We will see what the future holds. I would hope, somewhere down the line, we see that. The hopefulness of the couple is great.

Q: About Glenn — is the chemistry as good offscreen as it is on screen?
A: I love Steven, but the chemistry is onscreen. He and I see these conversations people have, and they analyze every "arm touching." We are just good friends. It's like being in college together.

Q: What has been your favorite walker-killing weapon?
A: Machete — l just love that thing. It's just light and quick. You can hook it underneath, get it from the top, or take the head off it with it. It's not too bulky.

                                  ~ Thanks to SheKnows.Com

About Maggie's Death: "I promised myself that it's going to be cool, and she'll go out with a smile" (Thanks to TheClicker.Today.Com)

About Herself
SheKnows.com wrote about her: She was thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about her work, and she emphasized the familial bond the entire cast has with each other.

Q: You played the strong vampire Rose in The Vampire Diaries and the strong daughter on The Walking Dead. Very pro-female empowerment — are these your ideal roles?
A: Definitely, definitely — I just love it. [I'm] really attracted to strong people with strong morals [and to] playing those types of characters. Maggie is just like a dream role for me. [Starting off], you see this good, Christian girl, and [she] meets a new group. You would have never known any of us would [be] where we are [now], and there's still so much potential for all of us. I feel like she's still the same person, and you just put her in a different context. She is so great to play — she's really just a farm girl. Everyone's pretty normal. You have a sheriff, [a] pizza-delivery kid, and a farm girl (laughs).

                                   ~ Thanks to SheKnows.Com

Q: You flex your singing voice around the campfire in Episode 1 this season. Are you a singer? 
A: Yeah, I do actually sing; I love to sing. I want to start a band; I've just always been concentrating so hard on acting that I haven't put the time into it yet. I fucking love rock. I'd love to do Pat Benatar. Probably either "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" or "We Belong."

Q: Can you do Stevie Nicks?
A: Yes! Oh my god, she's my number one! I just saw the other night, there was a reunion with her and Lindsay Buckingham on MTV and I cried watching it. One of my really good friends in New York is a musician and looks just like Lindsay Buckingham. We always fancied ourselves the nice Fleetwood Mac[laughs].

                                         ~ Thanks to GQ.Com

Q:What do you do for fun?
A:Oh my God! I sing and read about how you live to 100. [Laughs]. And sometimes I go to MJQ, which is in Atlanta. (Thanks to GlobalGrind.Com)

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