joi, 7 august 2014

Lauren Cohan's red sandals at the San Diego Comic Con 2014

First of all I wanna say that I'm very, very sorry for the not-so-short hiatus here on the blog. Life gets complicated and people get busy, unfortunately. I also want to say that I really need help here, so, if you liked this blog and want it to keep going, should know that I need help. Anyone who is interested and thinks they can do this "job" is welcome. Contact me @LaurenCohanRo

And now ...let's get to what's really important: I mean have you seen these sandals??? They're glorious...beautiful, ellegant - perfect!

Buy them HERE

duminică, 20 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan's famous triangle necklace !

You all probably noticed that beautiful upside down triangle necklace that Lauren is wearing very often, lately. And I'm guessing you all love it as much as I do (and as much as she does, giving the fact that she's wearing it so often). Well, it's the "Sharp Angles Necklace" by Nasty Gal and you can buy it HERE for $ 15

Lauren's Style at the Vancouver FanExpo (day 1 - apr 19th) - exact -

Yesterday (April 19th 2014), Lauren was at the FanExpo in Vancouver, representing The Walking Dead. She wore a beautiful denim shirt by DIESEL accessorized with a spike necklace (the same she wore at the Walker Stalker Convention, back in March).
You can buy the shirt HERE

And you can find a "close call" of the necklace in our post about her style at the WalkerStalker Con, here.

Have a very Happy Easter, Lauren lovers!

vineri, 11 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan using Whish Body Products!

Yesterday, our queen, miss Lauren Cohan, posted this photo (below) on her Instagram account, saying "Thank you to my dear friends Whish Body Products for these, you know me too well!"

Well now we know how she has that wish body, right? Haha.
If you want to buy these, try finding where you can, by clicking HERE  or you can buy online (I'll give you the links below)

And now if we do a little bit of math (just for fun, cause math is always so fun haha)... we'll see what Lauren has there (and how much it costs)

  • Body Wash  - $ 18,00 (buy)
  • Sugar Scrub x2 - ($ 38,00 each) = $ 76,00 (buy)
  • Shave Crave x2 - ($ 20,00 each) = $ 40,00 (buy)
  • Body Butter x2 - ($ 24,00 each) = $ 48,00 (buy)
  • Hair Inhibiting Gel - $ 26,00 (buy)

duminică, 6 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Gemy Maalouf skirt for the STNDRD Magazine Photoshoot

Remember the gorgeous photoshoot that Lauren did for the STNDRD Magazine? Well, here is one skirt that she wore in one of the photos which I personally adore <3

Gemy Maalouf

Thank you to Gillies's Girl & Gemy Maalouf for the help!

marți, 18 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Christian DIOR for the LA Magazine Photoshoot

I think Lauren Cohan should become the new "face of Dior", because their clothes look absolutely wonderful on her. Don't you think?
Thank you Tonia, again, for the help <3

luni, 17 martie 2014

Lauren's Style at the Walker Stalker Convention - Day 3 - March 16th 2014

First of all, I have to announce that this is the CLOSE LOOK - I don't know exactly what Lauren wore but these clothes/jewels are very similar.
I liked her clothes at the WS Con so much! The necklace is my fave, I have to admit <3

The links where to buy these, below:

And thank you very much to the girl that shared the photo of Lauren!

duminică, 16 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Tory Burch coat for the LA Magazine photoshoot

Seems like this is my lucky day! Well these Tory Burch Kensington coats don't seem to have the exact same pattern - I mean the flower print is a little different on each of them, but in the end it's the same coat :)
Did I ever mention that this is my fave photo from that photoshoot?

Lauren Cohan wearing Christian Siriano gown for the LA Magazine Photoshoot

You guys remember the wonderful photoshoot Lauren did for LA Mag with Steven Yeun? An affair to remember 

Well I know I loved all her 'lady outfits' in that shoot, and now I'm very excited to share one of them with you (oh,well... you know that by "share" I only mean give you the brand and sometimes the link where to buy it haha).

 for only $6,800 (haha sorry I just couldn't resist it)

joi, 13 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing TopShop dress on Talking Dead - 9.03.2014

Miss Lauren Cohan was on Talking Dead a few days ago (as you probably know) looking all smiley and pretty, but most important: classy. The TopShop dress she wore was so beautiful and ellegant, I just loved it! She accesorized it with her triangle necklace, wich we have seen before in the photoshoot for Nylon (and not only).

You can BUY it here

Thank you so much Gillies' Girl (aka Lauren Cohan & Daniel Gillies Italia)  for the heads up! <3

luni, 17 februarie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Spiritual Gangster Hoodie

I think it's fun to see what she is wearing when she's not attending a glamorous event, or in a photoshoot, but in her everyday life, feeling comfortable and still looking pretty. And those pink leggings are so cute, aren't they?

sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Sophia Webster Sandals for the photoshoot for Foam Magazine (2013)

Ever since I first saw the photos in this photoshoot I loved these sandals and wanted to find them, and well ... I found them today! (I also wanted to find the dress in this photo but that wish didn't come true - yet)

Aren't they lovely? <3

vineri, 14 februarie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing "Parker" Blazer on the Arsenio Hall Show!

Thanks to the lovely Anastasia (or MrsAndrewLincoln or LaurenCohanPub hehe) I have that "unfindable" blazer that miss Lauren Cohan wore on the Arsenio Hall show.

And the close look of the top, aka my previous post HERE

She was just impeccable!

And thank you again for the tip, sis!

Lauren Cohan's Top at the Arsenio Hall Show - Feb 13th 2014 (close look)

Unfotunately, I haven't found the exact one, but this one looks almost alike, so I'm pretty happy with it.
I loved her style ar the Arsenio Hall Show! She seems to wear black and white a little too often, though, don't you think?

If you like it, you can buy it for $58, HERE

That lovely blazer, though ... it doesn't seem findable lol. If you happen to know who designed it, your help would me much appreciated. Feel free to send the help, opinions or anthing else you want to us on twitter @LaurenCohanRo.

Oh and, I also uploaded the videos from the Arsenio Hall official YouTube channel, here, so you can see them in case you haven't. Lauren is just so funny and smart and adorable!

luni, 10 februarie 2014

What's inside Lauren Cohan's Bag ?

Thanks very much to US Weekly for this interesting and fun article about what's in Lauren's bag. It's so amazing to find out what she's carrying around with her (probably) everyday.

Occupational hazard of working with zombies: "I always drive home with fake blood on my hands," Lauren Cohan, the 32-year-old U.K.-raised star of AMC's The Walking Dead (Sundays, 9 P.M.) laments to Us Weekly. "And it ends up on my bag as well." What stays safe inside her Clare Vivier tote?

Smooth Operator
"I use Clarins hand cream. It smells good and makes me nostalgic. My first job was working in one of their shops, selling lotion to old ladies."

Look Alive
"I'm addicted to my Fitbit pedometer. I try to get 12,000 steps in each day. That's usually no problem because I'm running from zombies!"

The Right Note
"I'm learning to play the harmonica, so I have CDs of blues songs by Roy Orbison and Neil Young to help me practice. On breaks from shooting, we all sit around and play music. We don't have a band yet, but that's coming, I'm sure."

Branching Out
"It's kind of silly, but I carry lucky sticks. My mom finds me odd-shaped twigs to take with me as tokens of good luck and protection."

Put the Kettle On
"My Mariage Freres tea has ruined me for all other brands. I keep tea on hand, of course. I'm British!"
Isn't it just so interesting and funny? I mean the "lucky sticks" and the "Fitbit pedometer" and that thing about her first job at a Clarins shop <3 Wonderful article, really, thanks again US Weekly!

And now about that bag ... Well I can't be too sure, but I think it's her bag really, and I have arguments:

  • First, the fact that they mention "her Claire Vivier tote" at the beginning of the article ... well that's a clue - I have a photo of the CV bag below and *shocker* it's the same. Ha!
  • And then ... if it was just a random photo of a bag and the things inside it - out, it wouldn't have all the things Lauren mentioned. I mean just read and look at the photo, the CDs, the sticks, the pedometer, the tea - everything is there!
And ... fashionably speaking, what do you guys think about the bag? In my opinion it's cute -  it's not some complicated, sophisticated bag, it's a normal bag, but a cute one. "Like" from me!

sâmbătă, 8 februarie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Ella Moss blazer during the interview with Young Hollywood!

I am so thrilled that I found this blazer so fast lol, I mean I'm almost all the time finding the clothes altleast 3 weeks after the event/interwiew/photoshoot release. Oh, I'm more than thrilled, I'm proud! Haha

So it turns out she wore an Ella Moss Blazer entitled "Posy Floral Blazer" and I think it looks really great on her. She also wore black jeans (I think they're jeans, but I'm not sure) and a black blouse. Well she was all in black, and wearing that beautiful blazer as "cherry on top" !
You can buy it HERE

joi, 30 ianuarie 2014

Close Look: Lauren Cohan's dress at the Conan Show (Oct 3rd 2013)

I found this pretty red dress while searching for other clothes, and it looked very familiar, so I searched through some Lauren photos and I found some from when she was invited to the Conan Show - and guess what? It wasn't THE dress, the one LC wore has a deep decolletage, and the one I found doesn't. But it still looked close, so I thought I should share.

miercuri, 29 ianuarie 2014

Lauren wearing Chanel lipstick at the Heaven Gala 2014

To match her red MaxMara dress, she wore a red Chanel lipstick, wich I must say, looks very beautiful on her! Her hairstyle was also very beautiful. She managed to show the world how truly ellegant she is! (not to mention, how truly beautiful she is)

*Also, I'm working on a new design for the blog,so I'm sorry but it will look kinda messy until I completely finish it.

joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Nicole Miller at InStyle & Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party

First of all I want to thank the very sweet Tonia for giving me the tip! She's the admin of Lauren Cohan & Daniel Gillies Italia  and without her I probably wouldn't have found this very soon :p

So as you all know Lauren was at the InStyle & Warner Bros Golden Globes party this year and she wore this pretty outfit from Nicole Miller Spring 2014 Collection. I personally am not in love with this kind of clothes but DAMN, this woman can make anything look perfect, doesn't she ?
She combined the (is this called dress? cause I mean it's two pieces lol) with simple high heel sandals and a small clutch. And a perfect hairstyle and of course her perfect smile ! Happy 2014 by the way guys!

marți, 7 ianuarie 2014


Heeeelllo, as you probably all know, today is our angel's birthday. Miss Lauren Cohan is turning 32! So even though I made sure to send all my toughts to her on twitter I wanted to say it here,too, so : HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!