luni, 10 februarie 2014

What's inside Lauren Cohan's Bag ?

Thanks very much to US Weekly for this interesting and fun article about what's in Lauren's bag. It's so amazing to find out what she's carrying around with her (probably) everyday.

Occupational hazard of working with zombies: "I always drive home with fake blood on my hands," Lauren Cohan, the 32-year-old U.K.-raised star of AMC's The Walking Dead (Sundays, 9 P.M.) laments to Us Weekly. "And it ends up on my bag as well." What stays safe inside her Clare Vivier tote?

Smooth Operator
"I use Clarins hand cream. It smells good and makes me nostalgic. My first job was working in one of their shops, selling lotion to old ladies."

Look Alive
"I'm addicted to my Fitbit pedometer. I try to get 12,000 steps in each day. That's usually no problem because I'm running from zombies!"

The Right Note
"I'm learning to play the harmonica, so I have CDs of blues songs by Roy Orbison and Neil Young to help me practice. On breaks from shooting, we all sit around and play music. We don't have a band yet, but that's coming, I'm sure."

Branching Out
"It's kind of silly, but I carry lucky sticks. My mom finds me odd-shaped twigs to take with me as tokens of good luck and protection."

Put the Kettle On
"My Mariage Freres tea has ruined me for all other brands. I keep tea on hand, of course. I'm British!"
Isn't it just so interesting and funny? I mean the "lucky sticks" and the "Fitbit pedometer" and that thing about her first job at a Clarins shop <3 Wonderful article, really, thanks again US Weekly!

And now about that bag ... Well I can't be too sure, but I think it's her bag really, and I have arguments:

  • First, the fact that they mention "her Claire Vivier tote" at the beginning of the article ... well that's a clue - I have a photo of the CV bag below and *shocker* it's the same. Ha!
  • And then ... if it was just a random photo of a bag and the things inside it - out, it wouldn't have all the things Lauren mentioned. I mean just read and look at the photo, the CDs, the sticks, the pedometer, the tea - everything is there!
And ... fashionably speaking, what do you guys think about the bag? In my opinion it's cute -  it's not some complicated, sophisticated bag, it's a normal bag, but a cute one. "Like" from me!

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