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Lauren's Twitter Pics from MCM Expo

 She's adorable, isn't she ? And she finally tweeted pictures of her again ... we haven't had that since the 2010 Christmas - and she tweeted again haha ... and as a bonus fact: she promised "more from now" !

Lauren tweets about her appearance on The Vampire Diaries

Earlier, Lauren was on Twitter again - and yes, I had something to do and I wasn't there ... how lame is this ? I never get to say hi to her when she's there. But whatever, let's get to the point. While she was tweeting (2 G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S pics that I'll post later) she answered to a fan ... and ... well .. see for yourself:
"There will be a small hello from Rose again" Oh, yeah !!! Can't wait !!

The FIRST photo of Lauren at Birmingham Comic Con

Yeah, I'm not very sure it's Lauren, but I think so. The pic is from The Walking Dead Signing Panel and .. there she is ... short hair, amazing looking ... it has to be Lauren.

Fans' reaction after The Vampire Diaries news!

Yeah, well ... after finding out that Rose will be back in TVD for episode 19, as a ghost, fans kinda freaked out. Just like me. Let's see what they have to say about this:

 I'm so happy to see you in TVD again! <3 xoxo

All of the ROSE and  fans are sharing a SUPER MASSIVE FREAK OUT!! <3 We get our precious Rosebud back!!! :'(

Sooooooo happy Rose will be back!  can NOT wait to have you back!  <3

So I was gunna go back to sleep, but I ended up seeing for the next TVD episode and ROSE WAS IN IT! Omg I am so happy is back!!

I'm so happy we get to see Rose!  is just amazing! ♥

OMGGGGGG! CAN'T BREATHHHEEE! ROSE IS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER!  Literally jumping around the room right now!

And so many others ...
It's amazing, I mean ... Rose is one of the characters people can't just forget, so I think ... that's why writers decided to bring her back ... for atleast an episode!

Lauren will go at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Another convention!! #C2E2 !! So Lauren is invited at this new convention, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 13-15, 2012 in Chicago, Ilinois !! Isn't this great ? She'll be there with her The Walking Dead co-star Steven Yeun. You can buy tickets HERE!
And look .... she's an "Entertainment Guest" ;;)
She and Steven are scheduled to appear on Saturday, April 14 for autographing. Ticket giveaway details here.

vineri, 30 martie 2012

Rose was mentioned in TVD 3x18 "The Murder of One"

Wow ... it feels SO good to learn that they didn't forget ROSE ... even though Elena said "A vampire named Rose" ... we know for sure it's our Rose because she's the one that turned Katherine ;) And maybe ... if we're lucky enough, in one of the next episodes (or even in season 4 .. I don't mind) there'll be a flashback to Rose's transformation ... wouldn't this be great ??? For me, it would be.

OH MY GOD~!!! You know what ... I posted this like 20 minutes ago and now I'm updating it with an even bigger idiot smile on my face :D ROSE ... appears in the promo for 3x19 "Heart of Darkness" !!!!! And we didn't know ... absolutely ANYTHING ... wow ... well that was quite a surprise

How am I are we supposed to wait until APRIL 19th ???????

joi, 29 martie 2012

New outtake ?

I don't know for sure if this is new (I mean it's not new, but like ... we've never seen it before) but it's a little different from the others ... look:
 The difference is small ... but there surely is a difference!
Yey :)) I love it when I find new (but still old) pics ... 

New fanart: Lauren at WD Season 2 Premiere

Thanks to Anthony Harrison for doing this awesome job !! 

NEW pics of Lauren @ GBK Gifting Lounge

I Love Her Shoes !!! ♥ And she's stunning .. as always :)
You can see ALL the pics we have from GBK in our gallery!

Walking Dead Poster signed by cast (including Lauren, of course)

Thanks LaurenCohanFC for the pics ;)
 As (I think) I said before ... I'm in love with her hand writing!!!

duminică, 25 martie 2012

Lauren has a new description (or bio) on Twitter

Just saw that our beloved small tiger has turned into: 
"Jersey Brit currently playing farmer's daughter, Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead"
But I'm sure her motto is still "Sometimes I wish I was a bear, sometimes a small tiger" ! 
Also, I saw that she has now 21 851 followers!!! It's good, but we can be MORE. So, go click "Follow" @LaurenCohan ! And don't forget to follow us @LaurenCohanRo! But first of all follow her, because she's the most important thing here! 

Lauren Drawing

Thanks to ~KORAYAZICI for drawing it. Good choice ;) I think it's Bela Talbot ... what do you think?
and I think I'm right ...

New photo of Lauren behind the scenes of "Chuck"

Thanks LaurenCohanFC

miercuri, 21 martie 2012

A recap of ep 2x13 from TWD

Just found it and thought it would be nice to post ;) to remind you everything that happened in ep 13 (aka the season 2 finale) NO Romanian translation for this!

In the thirteenth episode and season finale of THE WALKING DEAD Season 2, “Beside the Dying Fire,” a zombie herd ends the group’s sojourn at the farm and not everyone makes it out alive. With the comfort of a possible new home gone, and truths shared about Shane’s (Jon Bernthal) death and the greater mystery surrounding the genesis of the zombie apocalypse, the survivors once again face an uncertain future plagued by doubt. Can Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finally take the reins as leader, even if it means becoming a dictator in a post-democratic world? And is there a future for this ragtag group? It might lay just over the horizon.
Fans that worried the second season held back too much on the zombie front certainly get their fill here in a stunning siege that takes up most of the first half of the episode and ends with imagery that recalls the classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD as well as a barn-burning at the end of the iconic ZOMBI 2. In a beautifully structured opening that takes us back to Atlanta and a certain helicopter, we follow a herd as it shambles through days and nights, finally reaching the farm as seen in the closing moments of last episode, when the shot Carl (Chandler Riggs) fired to take down Shane inadvertently rings the dinner bell for the walking dead.
The action is cinematic and impressive, with moonlight washing over corpses and desperate humans, and there’s carnage galore as Patricia (Jane McNeill) and Jimmy (James Allen McCune) meet their fates. Neither one of them were ever imbued with an ounce of character, however, so their loss is not emotionally impactful but merely serves to provide the bloody punctuation for the attack.
Some viewers might even take an extra measure of glee in seeing the farm setting – so long emblematic of the stalled storyline for much of the second season – falling to the horde as the survivors struggle to make it through their darkest night. But even if you were one of those that questioned the pacing this year (I was certainly one of them), there’s something to be said for holding back a bit and then exploding in the finale with an epic war between the living and the dead. Although the show always has a cinematic quality, this episode feels like many great zombie films compacted into one tense hour; it even made the loss of the farm feel profound. Another aspect to this approach is that character is largely eschewed in favor of action, but it’s no loss – after all, we’ve spent weeks exploring the psyches of nearly every cast member, so now it’s time to let them all loose and see who comes out the other end.

Still from The Walking Dead 2x13 "Beside the Dying Fire"

marți, 20 martie 2012

LCR News :)

Okay so let's just say that the girl named "Alice" ... kinda died :( sad ... I'll miss her.

But okay ... I'm here with a new name (and new account) - Alice didn't really die, guyz, I'm Alice haha ... and I'm right here ... that account died , because I had no more free space for photos :) Just wanted you to know, and if you see Symonna, instead of Alice at author .. don't worry ... it's the same girl (with my real name this time) 


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New video tribute to Lauren

Behind the Scenes of Talking Dead

Inside ep 11 "Judge, Jury, Executioner" of TWD

Caps ;)

Promos for The Walking Dead 2x13 "Beside the Dying Fire"

Introducing "The Walking Dead" at MegaCon

Oh, she's so adorable!!

Kitty Maggie

Okay, this is the sweetest thing !! Check out :

Lauren Cohan live on Talking Dead with Zachary Levi - March 11th 2012

Gosh, it was so funny & exciting! How about checking out my favorite quotes, before you watch ? Great idea ? Okay haha
 Chris: "Zachary Levi and Maggie herself Lauren Cohan ... yeah ... you're a real person !!"   Lauren: "Yeass" (as in ... what ? you thought I was a fairytale?) hahah
"...I'm like 'Wich part of I love you and move into my bedroom' is ever mean?"
"It's like when you don't wanna wash the dishes or cook and you say 'You're so good at cooking' do you know? 'You're so good at running' "
She just can't stop being lovely !!! and I just can't stop loving her ;) Okay now enjoy the videos - thanks to laurencohanFC for uploading them :)
Aaaaannndddd the BONUS segment

You can find the screencaptures from both show & bonus segment in our gallery
Previews are below
Gallery > Talk Shows > Lauren live on Talking Dead - March 11, 2012

Apologies, news & promises

So let's just start with ... well .... the apologies
I'm really so sorry for dissapointing you! (Yeah! I say this hoping that you're not really dissapointed so ... are you ?) I didn't mean to, I never mean to. But you know how it is in life .. you can't always "be in time". Okay, sometimes I say too much and people can't understand me, so what I mean is that I'm sorry for not posting anything lately. I really didn't have time. Sorry guyz! I hope you understand :)

But I have good news too ... I have finally made the gallery for the blog ;) unfortunately I didn't update it with all the photos yet, but I will add them all in time :) You can see it HERE ! And if you have pictures that I can upload   (and if you want me to upload them, of course) please send me an email at laurencohan_romania@yahoo.com with the pics and where they are from (you know, wich event, convention etc).

Oh, and the "promises" haha .... I just want you to know that I'll post all the news immediately! Thank you for your support, I love you all (guess I don't have to say how much I love Lauren, cause you already know that). Xoxo, Symo (or Alice ...)
Click "Read More" pt varianta in romana :)

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Lauren will attend MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

My God! It's like we're blessed this week ! Good news again! Lauren Cohan (yes, our Lauren Cohan) will attend the MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con from 31st March to 1st April 2012 !!! Other guests (announced so far) from The Walking Dead are: Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes),  Madison Lintz (Sophia Peletier) and Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier).
The adress is: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, B40 1NT.
The prize: 
Saturday: 9am to 5pm (Last ticket sale 10.55am)
Sunday: 10am to 5pm (Last ticket sale 10.55am)
‘EARLY ENTRY’ Tickets £16 Per Day. (includes booking fee)
‘EARLY ENTRY’ Tickets £28 Per Weekend. (includes booking fee)
Saturday: 11am to 5pm (Last ticket sale 4pm)
Sunday: 11am to 5pm (Last ticket sale 4pm)
General Entry: Adult Ticket (15 years old & above): £10
General Entry: Child Ticket (11 to 14): £5
Click here for more details on purchasing a ticket ;) Love you, Xoxo
Click "Read More" pentru varianta in limba romana!

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Sneak Peek for "Better Angels" - ep 2x12

Lauren will be on "Talking Dead" again

Yuu-hu! Lauren will be a guest of the talk show dedicated to "The Walking Dead"  - Talking Dead, on Sunday,  March 11th 2012, after the show ( I mean TWD). Great news .. right ? But she wouldn't be the only guest! Zachary Levi (who she played with in Chuck, earlier in 2011) will be there with her, too. Can't wait! Can't wait !! Let the countdown begin!

- And this is CRAZY! I think I have some supernatural powers of getting what I want cuz' that's what I tweeted one week ago:
~ Wish came true ~ Tada! ~
She was on TD before with Steven Yeun, but not really ON ... I mean they were in Atlanta, shooting so they couldn't be in Los Angeles at the same time. They were just live from the set. I didn't post the video back then - and for that I'm so sorry-, but here it is now, so check out and remember that this will happen again this Sunday!!!
Soo ... this wants to mean that she will be in LA?! ... maybe we're lucky enough to get some candids, who knows? Let's hope !!!
Click pe "Read More" pentru varianta in romana! Xoxo

A (very) little Q & A from Mega Con (Orlando, Florida)

If you could play any other character, who would you be ?
Lauren (at the same time with Joseph and David): DAMON (hahah)

Who is your favourite person to shoot a scene with ?
Lauren (again, at the same time with the boys): Ian Somerhalder

~ They're kinda obsessed with Ian / Damon. I mean I understand it from Lauren ... but the boys ? Hehe

Yeah ... there were more questions but they were all answered by Joseph Morgan, so that's why I said "Little".

And a video with the whole panel :
Daca ati fi putut juca orice alt rol (in TVD) cine ati fi fost ?
Lauren (odata cu Joseph si David): DAMON !!

Cu cine va place sa filmati cel mai mult (tot din TVD)
Lauren (din nou, odata cu baietii): Ian Somerhalder.

Si cum am scris si mai sus ... sunt cam obsedati de Ian / Damon nu ?? Adica de ce nu ar fi ? Este minunat, dar totusi as spune ca Joseph si David ar trebui sa fie atrasi de fete nu baieti haha. (Si video-ul cu intregul panou, mai sus).  - Traducere: Symo (Alice)

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Video Update: DVD Featurettes from Death Race 2

+ Deleted scenes

The LAUREN COHAN experience

There are some stories from fans that met Lauren at the Mega Con and I thought it would be interesting to share with you. (Thx LCF!)

1. Jessica's story:
Jessica:  She was REALLY sweet. My friends and I went up to her to invite her to go to Disney World with us and she told us she hasn’t been since she was 11 and really wanted to go. So she got one of our names down with our number and told us she will call us to let us know. My friend tweeted her saying how awesome it was to meet her and she said she couldn’t go with us but loved hanging out with us, which shows you just how sweet she is. 
2. Cody's story: 
Cody: She said that she still gets the chills when she hears “The Walking Dead” theme song, also for the fans that don’t already know, she HAS signed up for next season for at least 16 episodes. I didn’t stay up long, I was extremely nervous and I was weak in the knees for the whole day afterwards haha. She did take a photo with me and gave me a free autograph.

3. Zoe's story:
So lets just start by saying this was my very first Convention ever and therefore I wasn’t as familiar with how these type of events work until I was there. I went there thinking of buying just the picture with Lauren, honestly she was the only one I was interested in getting a picture with. So after I got my ticket, first thing in the morning pictures were taken at 3:00, the next thing I did was go to the Vampire Diaries PanelIt was really cool for my first panel ever and i had a laugh with the fans all going crazy over Joseph Morgan (Klaus).  
Click "Read More" for the rest of the story. It's great, you should read it all.

Inspired Outfit - Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead

Do you remember when I posted the inspired outfits of Rose (TVD) and Bela (SPN) ? Well now it's Maggie's time! Here's her style:
I can not imagine a better Maggie than Lauren's Maggie ! Agree?

"Die Zombie Die"

You're probably wondering ... what the title means. Well I have VERY good news for you. It's a convention !!

"Die Zombie Die" it's a Rogue Events convention for "The Walking Dead" fans in Birmingham (UK). And guess what ? LAUREN COHAN is invited. Amazing, right?  The event will take place in The Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel from October 27th to 28th.
Another guest is Andrew Rothenberg (who played Jim in season 1). More to be announced soon ;)
And if anyone wants to go there .... that's the prize: DZD - Emerald Adult costs £85 (17 or Over), DZD - Emerald Child costs £40 (16 or Under).

Isn't this the best thing you "heard" today ? Another event for Lauren !!!! It's too bad I can't be there (again) but it means a lot to me just to know that she's gonna be there, and we're gonna have picssss and videos and stories from fans ... Can't wait !! :)
By the way, if you wanna know more, click this.

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The Walking Dead nominated for The 38th Annual Saturn Awards

It looks like The Walking Dead is nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best Presentation on Television (10 episodes or less)". The voting hasn't started yet, but I will be sure to announce you when it does! If you want to see who (or what) else is nominated, go to Saturn Awards Official Site!