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I have no idea what's wrong with me .... but we're definitely having a hiatus! Sorry guys :(

joi, 19 iulie 2012

The Walking Dead Comic-Con 2012 Black Carpet Celebrating Issue #100

Interview with the cast (including Lauren):
I'll put screencaps soon! Kiss :-*

Steven Yeun about Lauren: "She's super pretty"

Just look at this ...(well .... at the beginning)
Any words? Nope? No, me either!
Just look at his smile when she mentioned "Your on-screen girlfriend" lol ... so it's:
1. Bitch please ... ON SCREEN?
2. Or just that lovely moment when you remember the person you love the most. (or something like that, right?)

miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

WOW - That's all I can say!

So, Laurie Holden tweeted this, while she and the TWD cast were still at the San Diego Comic Con (or anyway...in San Diego) :
And I'm just like ... WHOA! I never expected this! I actually tweeted something like "I wish Lauren will meet the TVD cast at SDCC" but it was just a dream ... I never thought they will really meet! So effin' cool!!
So then ... Rose met Damon, Elena, Stefan &  Jeremy again! <3 Lovely!

marți, 17 iulie 2012

Interviews from the TWD 100 Issue Party

She's so sweet and funny! It's impossible not to love her!

Lauren @ AMC's "Breaking Bad" Season 5 Premiere

Wow .... I never thought the SDCC will "bring" so many other events with it lol. I'm so happy! Lauren is so gorgeous!! And there are so many other pics that I have to post. So I have to stop being lazy!

The Walking Dead Comic Con 2012 Portrait

So we finally have the first portrait from Comic Con 2012!
Aren't they really really cute?? <3

sâmbătă, 14 iulie 2012

TWD Season 3 News!

We have some new stuff from the San Diego Comic Con...including the trailer for season 3 (Maggie included, of course) ... aaaannnd a little quote of Lauren from the panel:

Lauren Cohan: “Maggie’s priority is protecting her own”

Lauren tweets about the San Diego Comic Con

Awww, she's incredibly beautiful!!!! I can't handle so much beauty!
She tweeted the pic saying : "End of an AMAZING day ! Thank you all, so SO much love for your love!"
She's so sweeeeet!

vineri, 13 iulie 2012

It's official!

So, The Walking Dead season 3 comes back to AMC on October 15th !!!! Wooh! New episodes, and we can expect LOTS of Maggie, because Lauren has been so busy lately!
By the way ... look what Laurie Holden told us:

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) - The first photos

Hellooo! If you don't follow us on Twitter already, do it now! @LaurenCohanRo ! So we have some pics from the Comic Con ...
Wonderful, right?? See al the pics HERE!
Just .... I can't even express myself when I'm so amazed (not sure if this is a word) ... I mean just look at that gorgeous dress!!! How my sis Ana likes to say "Hello Lauren legs" haha! And the SHOES!!!! They're just .. WOW ... I think Lauren loves the shoes as much as I do because she's always leaving me speechless with her shoes-chioces (what am I saying? she's always leaving me speechless!). And her hair looks brilliant!

joi, 12 iulie 2012

Lauren & Steven congratulate a couple on their engagement. Sweet!

Lol, they're so funny! And don't you guys find it interesting how she appeared from nowhere in (I think) Steven's house?? <3 It's either they're so damn good friends, or Gleggie happens in real life, too!
All the screencaps in the gallery, here!
Thanks LaurenCohanFC for the heads up!
Screencaps are made by me!

luni, 9 iulie 2012

Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ

Yey! Another convention. And it's gonna be in Lauren's hometown, how sweet is that ?? 

We are VERY excited to announce that LAUREN COHAN has just been added to the already stacked lineup of stars attending MONSTER-MANIA CON 22 in Cherry Hill NJ the weekend of AUGUST 17-19th.
The former Cherry Hill native is best known to horror fans for her role as MAGGIE GREENE in THE WALKING DEAD. This will be Lauren's first horror convention appearance!
Lauren also starred as ROSE in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, as BELA in SUPERNATURAL and has had roles in VAN WILDER 2 and DEATH RACE 2.
Lauren will be joining fellow WALKING DEAD stars STEVEN YEUN, JEFFREY DEMUNN and MADISON LINTZ at the show.
We are thrilled to welcome LAUREN COHAN back to her hometown in Cherry Hill, NJ!
You people ... it's Lauren CohAn ... :) but as long as she's invited ...

vineri, 6 iulie 2012

joi, 5 iulie 2012

New still (scan) from TWD Season 3

Thanks @DSFCinYUNE !!
Hehe ... I love it how they called Lauren just "Cohan".
It's so nice so see more news about Lauren! *Thank God!*

Lauren Cohan and a fan (Kelly McDaniel) in Atlanta - July 2nd

Tweet: "Met Lauren Cohan at work today, she is so nice."
Thank you Kelly for the pic & info :*
Update:  We now have the exact place: Irwin Street Market.

marți, 3 iulie 2012

The Walking Dead: First look at season 3

Thanks (a lot) to Entertainment Weeky, we have the first 2 stills from TWD S3. And ... wow, it's one of those times when we're speechless. Lauren .. oh, no ... Maggie looks so damn hot! And she's so .... well .. see for yourself:
Oh, just look at those boots (I'm obsessed with shoes, so that's why I started with this lol) !!!!!! And the top & pants .... just ... it's like she's dressed to kill. She's perfect. Both of them actually (Lauren/Maggie) :)
 And guess what ... Lauren even tweeted about this:
What do you guys think ??? Aren't these pics just C-R-A-Z-Y ? Just like they said "season 3 is gonna be insane"! Can't waitttt! Share your thoughts with us (I'd love to hear your opinions) in the comments or twitter (@LaurenCohanRo). See ya later!  Kisssss