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How you're enjoying Easter Sunday xo

Yep, the title of this post is Lauren's funny way of wishing us a Happy Easter (or atleast that's how I see it) . I just wanna wish her a very Happy Easter too! Even though I'm not celebrating it today :( it kinda sucks that not all religions are celebrating it at the same time, but whatever, it doesn't matter :D I want hers to be a happy one! And I want a photo of herself in Easter-mood!
And the sweet photo she tweeted: 

Top 50 Most Beautiful Women on US TV

Yep! Lauren is in this list made by TV and Film Review
As you can see, they made Lauren the 14th most beauty in TV. Well I think she's the most beautiful of them all, but I'm not complaining, at least she was in the list, right?

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New wonderful photos from the photoshoot by Simon Perry

I guess the fact that we have the same name (difference is that my name is for a girl, and his is for a man, obviously) wears me luck! Haha! We have a bunch of new extraordinary beautiful photos of Lauren in April 2012, from the photoshoot by Simon Perry!
Click on the photo above ^ to see the rest!

The Hero's Journey - Part 1: Crossing The First Threshold by Sarah Allegra

Do you remember Lauren saying "I just did a photoshoot the other day" during her last appearance on Talking Dead? I bet you do remember! Well now, we have more informations about it, one FIRST outtake and some behind the scenes from the WONDERFUL photoshoot made by Sarah Allegra!

First she quoted the story of "The Hero's Journey":
“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”
 Then she explained the steps of making Lauren's crown, amulet and the thunderbolt/soul piece:
The day of the shoot arrived, and Lauren was fantastic for everything; a trooper and such pleasure to shoot!  I suspected that Lauren’s acting ability would lend itself well to my concepts for her, and she did not disappoint; she was wonderful" - says Sarah, then she adds few behind the cameras (or behind the scenes) photos:
"Me trying to explain the whole concept of the Hero’s Journey, its history, meaning and subtext to Lauren… my models all have to listen to me pontificate a lot. She bore this with good humor… or rather, humour, in her case, since she’s British"
And this .... is the result:
I'm speechless. She's a GODDESS!

Thank you so much Sarah for this special photoshoot! 
Read the whole article on Sarah's Blog - HERE
See ALL the photos she shared so far in our gallery - HERE

Law & Order: SVU 14x18 "Legitimate Rape" - Screencaptures + New Stills

"Legitimate Rape" was an amazing episode for me! Most of all because it was the first time we ever saw Lauren as a mother, and she was a perfect mommy! Then, the perfect way Lauren played Avery Jordan made me wanna watch the episode over and over again!

Now enjoy all the screencaps (+300) by clicking the photo below:

And the new stills by clicking the photo below:

What did you guys think about this episode?
Feel free to share with me all your opinions @LaurenCohanRo

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Lauren Cohan featured in the April issue of Emmy Magazine !

We have been waiting for this photoshoot since February and now a small part of it finally came!! Lauren and the girls are just WOW, they're like godesses!

And a little video HERE

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Episode Stills for The Walking Dead - 3x15 "This Sorrowful Life"

New Twitter Pics from Steven Yeun

Thank you so much Steven, the pics are just lovely!

Visit the gallery to see all personal & twitter pics! HERE

Lauren Cohan on Radio !! Amazing interviews

In early March, Lauren was invited at some Radio channels, and gave some really interesting info about what's coming next in The Walking Dead, the parties on set plus some very NEW and unexpected things about herself. Enjoy!

1. Kevin & Bean Show

2.The Morning Buzz

3. The Bob Rivers Show

4. The Morning Show

Thank you to Lauren Cohan Fanclub for the videos!

Law & Order: SVU - Episode Sinopsis, Stills & Promo Video !!!

The episode is going to be so emotional, OMG! Lauren is going to make us cry like babies again!

Law & Order: SVU - Season 14, Episode 18 - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Home > TV Shows > Law and Order: SVU as Avery Jordan > Stills & BTS 

The official sinopsis for the episode:
A popular sports reporter (guest star Cohan) seeks out Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to accuse a cameraman (guest star Marciano) of rape and stalking. The SVU squad and ADA Barba (Raúl Esparza) begin their preparations for a difficult trial when the victim learns she is pregnant as result of the rape. As the case proceeds, the defense uses controversial tactics in its efforts to persuade the jury. Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Dann Florek (Captain Donald Cragen), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro) and Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins).

And the Promo Clip: 

Q & A with Lauren Cohan by AMC - She talks about episode 13 and others!

Q: It's been a challenging season for Maggie. Has that affected you personally as well?
A: It's stressed me out a little bit, but I feel the writers are writing to my emotional self. I'm very good at being emotional like that. That's something they've probably recognized and written to, so it's been a very rewarding season for me. Fun is not something you think of when talking about the apocalypse, but it really has been enjoyable. If somebody is going through emotional gut-wrenching material, it's pretty serious. But if we have time and if we have to jump off a car and slash somebody's head open, we do have fun with that.

Q: Maggie has many roles on the show, "lover" and "daughter" foremost among them. Which do you favor?
A: As much as I love the romance between Maggie and Glenn, I just really love seeing the father-daughter relationship done right on-screen. Maybe it's because I have two dads, I don't know -- my mother remarried when I was about 7; my biological dad and I are very close and my step-dad and I are very close. My moral dilemma is always which one is going to walk me down the aisle, when the day comes.
Q: You recently tweeted about the differences between British and American actors. What are some of the differences between these two camps on set?
A: I don't really see that distinction between England or America on set. Andy [Lincoln] speaks with an American accent all the time, David Morrissey speaks with an American accent all the time, and we're all a bit method when we're out there. The only surreal part of it for me is seeing everyone on the weekends: Andy wears glasses and speaks like an English person.
Q: You have a pretty intense sex scene with Glenn in Episode 13. Were you nervous at all about shooting that?

A: No, because I really trust the crew. At the end of the day what's on camera is there forever, and I don't want it to look fake or self-conscious. There's also only so much that people can show on cable, but we wanted to do justice to this couple in love. They have this stubborn argument that has lasted for days and weeks and it was this healing moment. I think it's a beautiful scene.

Q: Has it been the genesis for any jokes between you and Steven Yeun?
A: We are constantly joking about it! All of our fans are convinced we're an actual couple. When I went on a road trip with my dad, I was taking pictures of where I was and putting it on Twitter and people were writing, "Lauren, we all know that when you say dad you really mean Steven." It has become a running joke for us. If we post any picture of the two of us sitting together, people start saying things. - THIS LOL
Q: You gotta balance love and war.
A: You really do, and that's why we were quite OK with it being a passionate scene. That's the difference with European and American television. You can have someone's brain pulled out through their ear but you can't show a nipple. My feeling is always make love, not zombies. We're killing it with this show -- literally killing it!

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Boston Comic Con 2013

Yeyy! Lauren will go to another fan convention: in Boston this time!!

The convention will take place in Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts from April 20 to April 21 (yep, 2 days), and the only guests confirmed so far are Lauren and Jon Bernthal. (Maggie and Shane, huh?). For more info in purchasing the tickets and other stuff, visit their official site - HERE!

I think it's gonna be fun! I have to admit I didn't really like Shane, but now that I saw Jon on the guest list I realised I kinda missed him. :)

Thank you to LaurenCohanFanclub for the heads-up!

Lauren Cohan Live on Talking Dead !!

Oh my godness she looked too gorgeous!!!

We have to thank Jamie Greenberg for Lauren's wonderful makeup, and Christine Symonds for her gorgeous hair! And of course, Lauren for being perfect ... just saying !

Oh and if you noticed (please, you DID notice it) Lauren's ring, wich was absolutely beautiful (like her), she said that she bought it from AVON & Mark (honestly, if it's the same Avon I know, I'm so gonna buy it when it will be in Romania too)
Some funny tweets:

Talking Dead tweeted: "I love the way Lauren Cohan says "war" #TheWalkingDead" - hahaha, yeah we love it too <3
Eliza Dushku tweeted: "Ok, Lauren Cohan was making me blush I'm not gonna lie. I won't say #nerdgasm but... damn, ok I just did!"
Such a lovely show!! Can't wait for more photos !!!
Screencaps as soon as possible! 

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New Photos of Lauren at the Sound City Concert

Thanks again Ivy, for the pics!
 She looks so sweet there, all supportive and smiley! 

Twitter News from Lauren !

I haven't written an article about Lauren's tweets in awhile and I think now is the time to do it, given that she shared 2 new pics with usss! *Excitement*

The latest: "I still sit in the car when I go through the wash" Hahaha I think this is amazing lol .. I've never heard of someone to be doing this!
It looks like a half of a rainbow crashed on Lauren's windshield :)

On March 7th (aka yesterday) she shared this pic and didn't write anything... I think she thought there was no comment needed haha! A very strange, but nice coincidence!
All in black lady! I like that :-)

Also, Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead Host) announced that Keegan-Michael Key is also appearing on Talking Dead this Sunday along with our princess and Eliza Dushku and added "EXCITED for this line-up" - Lauren's reply was: "Yay, me too" - Now can I add, -me too- ?! Haha.

In older tweets:
  •  "Just had the most AWESOME time on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Thanks for having me guys! And for the insanely wicked musical guest. Ahem!"
  • Laurie Holden (co-star on Walking Dead and a very good friend) said simply "Friendship" and Lauren replied "Xo" - it seemed very sweet to me, how about you guys?
  • She told Steven Yeun (Glenn in TWD) "love your Steak tree idea from Paleyfest" and Steve replied with a smile :) 
  • She shared two new songs: "Freedom" by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton (personally, I can't stop listening to this song) and "If I Had a Million" [If you click on the name of the songs you will be transported to SoundCloud and be able to listen them]
  • On March 2nd she tweeted "New York I love you and you bring me up" - she was in NYC at that time, filming for "Law & Order: SVU", now she's still in Hollywood probably until Sunday when she will appear on Talking Dead.

Happy International Women's Day!!

I just wanted to wish every woman, girl, mom a very happy Women's Day!! 
And of course, to wish our amazing Lauren Cohan a Happy Women's Day :)

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A fan saw Lauren at the Sound City Concert

Thank you so much Ivy for sharing the photo. She tweeted: "I saw Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, she was at Jimmy Kimmel Live. She's gorgeous!"

(Click to enlarge)
It's a bit blurry but I'm not complaining

Rumor: Lauren will star in "The Messenger"

Apparently, Lauren's name has been thrown on an upcoming movie with Robert Sheehan & David O'Hara. The project, called "The Messenger" is the story of a man, Jack, who sees the dead. Lauren might be playing Jack's sister, Emma. We don't know if the filming has begun or not, and we don't know if Lauren is really going to play in it either. It's a rumor until we find a confirmed information.

If it's true then... WOW, I'm really happy! More and more projects come and it's wonderful!

Lauren Cohan's best quotes @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

I selected a few quotes of Lauren from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Show. Hope you'll enjoy reading!

  • "I'm from New Jersey"
  • "Cherry Hill, New Jersey, so London via Cherry Hill NJ"
  • "Moved to London from New Jersey when I was 14"
  • "My mom's english, my dad's american"
  • "When I was a kid I had a crush on, of course, Michael Bolton...when I was six"
  • "My dad was like: Number one dad"
  • "I'm like six and blonde and < Yeah I do, I do, I do! > "
  • "You could never know what this means to me"

These were my favourites :) If you liked other quotes, you're welcome to share them with us at @LaurenCohanRo on twitter! 

Lauren Cohan on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Full show & Photos

Lauren's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel was just charming! She was so beautiful!! She was perfect all over again! I loved everything, from hair to shoes. Now excuse while I go scream a little bit ...

She's so funny & so smart in everything she ever says! She's LAUREN COHAN and she's perfect in every single way!
A closer look at her flawless shoes:
(I'm actually dead now ....)

Before the show - tweeted by Erica Gray
Screencaptures as soon as possible!

New Twitpics: Tea with Amy Shiels & Foo Fighters

After her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live, Lauren shared two new amazing photos with us!

The first one: "Oh my god its the Foo Fighters"
And in the second, she's having a sweet cup of tea with her best friend Amy Shiels! "Tea @amy_shiels"
Ahh, this woman is just so adorable & sweet & funny! I'm more thank proud to be her fan!
Also, I hope she doesn't cut her hair for a while! I missed the old LAUREN COHAN!

marți, 5 martie 2013

New photos of Lauren filming "Law & Order" in NYC

We have a few new photos of Lauren filming for "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" last friday in front of the court house in New York City. You can also see the main actress Mariska Hargitay in the photos. + a photo with a fan :) Thanks to Lauren Cohan Online.

Candids: Lauren shopping in West Hollywood yesterday

Lauren was seen yesterday (March 4th 2013) shopping out in West Hollywood, CA. She's back to Hollywood for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live later today, and probably she was shopping for something to wear? I can't wait to see what is it! I can't wait to see her makeup, hair, everything! Mostly hair actually because now she har this gorgeous longer hair and she's just so pretty! *Excuse my excitement*

luni, 4 martie 2013

New candids: Lauren leaving NYC - March 2nd 2013

We have a bunch of new candids of Lauren leaving New York on March 2nd 2013. So does that mean she finished filming for "Law & Order: SVU" ?? Apparently!

Lauren will be a guest on "Talking Dead" again this Sunday!

I'm so happy to hear this! Last time she was so funny and sweet with Zachary Levi & Chris! Talking Dead is a wonderful talk show and I think it's kinda amazing that they actually have a talk show for their show only!

This time, on March 10th, she will be there along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer haha, the actress Eliza Dushku - gonna be a blast !

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New amazing fanvid by Anastasia - "Breath of Life"

You guys remember her right ? You have to ... she's making all the wonderful videos about Rose (from The Vampire Diaries) + now she even made a funny & very interesting & very amazing blog about Lauren - Lauren Cohan Pub. Anyways, my point was: she's amazing and there's no way you can ever forget about her - got it?

Okay... now about that video: well, I love it very very much. She chose an amazing song and made everything perfect ! Enjoy

Candids: Lauren Cohan outside of her hotel in New York City !! - March 1st 2013

Thanks so much to Fashion Magazine for posting these photos!

Apparently Lauren was seen yesterday (March 1st) , outside of her hotel in NYC signing an autograph for a fan. And paparazzi were at the right place, in the right time! - In case you didn't know, she's there to film for her new project "Law & Order: SVU"

Make sure you check the gallery link ^ to see al the photos!

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First look at PREGNANT Avery Jordan (Lauren Cohan)

We have the first photo of Lauren portraying pregnant Avery Jordan! I don't know but I'm so excited to see this ... we've never seen Lauren as a pregnant woman before, so it's something new! Love it (PS: She looks so gorgeous)

New photo of Lauren (& a fan) on set of Law & Order yesterday

Lauren on set of "Law & Order: SVU" - February 28th 2013

Thank you Sarah Cuprzinski for tweeting the photo. 

Bad News: Lauren won't attend the PaleyFest + Sidney Con Cancelled

Unfortunately, Lauren cancelled her appearance at tonight's PaleyFest because she was already filming for "Law & Order: SVU" in New York, and she couldn't get back to LA soon enough. Though we have to see the good part of the story: she's filming for L & O and we all can't wait to see her as Avery right?

In other news: The "Shock Horror: Dead Downunder" convention in Sidney, Australia was CANCELLED.
Too bad ... I always wanted to see Lauren in Australia (if you remember, I actually said once that Australia is my fave place). Apparently one of the organizers quit his work for Culture Shock Events and that made them cancel the whole event! Kinda weird if you ask me, but hey ... it's their decision and we have to respect is whether we like it or not.

Anyways I'm sure Lauren will be invited to more events & cons so we have nothing to worry about :)

Lauren will be a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live

We do not have an official press release yet, but we are sure, Lauren will be a guest on the ABC late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, this Tuesday (march 5th)!! You'll see her along with Zach Braff, who will also be a guest then. 

Such AMAZING news, right ?? Can't wait !! We'll post the official announcement when we'll find it. Kiss