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GOFoods Foundation

Left: Mike Casperson ; Center: Lauren Cohan ; Right: Brad Stewart

Several celebrities expressed comments while being introduced to the GOFoods Foundation. Melissa McCarthy, "Bridesmaids" Academy Award nominee for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, said that charitable food initiatives were near and dear to her heart, and Lauren Cohan, actress from the new hit TV series, "The Walking Dead," shared that she understood that food storage meant that "in the zombie apocalypse you actually have something to eat." Kristi Lauren, from the TV series "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," said she especially appreciated the GoFoods Foundation Los Angeles Regional Food Bank initiative, giving her "goosebumps." Thanks NewsChannel10 for the aticle and photo!

But wait! That's not all! Mike Casperson wrote about Lauren:
Aww  ♥ Beautiful words!

Lauren @ GBK’s Oscars Gift Lounge 2012 - Feb 25

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On february 25, Lauren attented the Oscars Gift Lounge hosted by GBK in West Hollywood, California. She looked absolutely stunning, agree ?

Elizabeth Ho tweets about Lauren

The actress Elizabeth Ho (she had to shoot with Lauren the tv-show Heavenly) on Feb. 25 has written on Twitter “A glass of sangria, a cup of coffee and the best company ever aka Lauren Cohan” sharing this picture. Amazing. (Thx again LCF)

5 New pics from Mega Con

 Thanks to LaurenCohanFC!

luni, 27 februarie 2012

Q & A with Lauren, about The Walking Dead

Q: You have a bit of a British accent! Was it difficult to learn the Southern drawl?
A: I spent one week just thinking about the difference between the British "O" and the Southern "O." You can get the vibe of it pretty easily, but then you have to really start thinking about the idiosyncrasies. Those scenes of high drama can become bigger than your accent sometimes, and there are moments when I find myself speaking in fear, talking more like I'm in London.
Q: Have you and Andrew Lincoln practiced becoming un-British together?
A: No, but our costume designer is South African. If we speak to her for more than two minutes, we have to hug her and walk away because all the Britishisms start to come up again.
Q: You and Steven Yeun have a lot of screen time together.
A: We are actually really good buddies. We all are. You just bond out there in a way that you wouldn't in a city. A bunch of us lived in the same building, this converted cotton mill -- it's cool, but also kind of creepy. A can of ravioli went missing from Steven's place, actually...
Q: Maggie and Glenn are sort of the link between Rick's people and Hershel's. Is that something you relate to in your life?

A: Oh, yeah. When I was a kid, I was the one causing the problems, and my little sister was the intermediary. But I think in life, generally, I don't want drama. I'd so much rather do something goofy. Maggie is like that: She has to act as the mediator. She really is trying to live her life out under a really strict father.
Q: Have you ever had to deal with strict parents like that?
A: Oh my god, exclusively! They were protective, but they're good now. To be honest, I'm glad, because it made me ambitious. My parents have always had pretty high expectations, but they're very supportive.

Q: Have you gotten inured to The Walking Dead's horror now that you're around it all the time?
A: On set, it just makes you lose your appetite. When we have huge hordes of zombies on set, they'll have another room for them to eat, to accommodate them. But when there are only a few zombies on set, then we're all in the lunch room together. It's a bit disgusting. You don't believe they can make people look like that!
Q: Do you remember your first walker experience on set?
A: Yeah, my first day I dealt with a zombie. You look at these guys, in all that makeup, more than anything I feel bad for the zombies. We had one that was in a zombie fat suit in 100-degree humidity. That's the thing with this whole show -- you feel bad for them and you're terrified of them at the same time.
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New drawings by fans

Thanks so much to this sweet girl on facebook for uploading them. I don't know who drew them, but they're all amazing so whoever you are, you're amazing :)

duminică, 26 februarie 2012

New photo of Lauren at Mega Con - by VersionTwo

She's so beautiful as always !!
Thanks so much to versiontwo laboratory for the pic. Look what they've written about it: 
""MegaCon always has had a great lineup of floor actors, artists and writers, but this year seemed to host plenty more than the previous year, which made great for attendees to interact with their favorite talents and creators. The enormous list included world-renowned writers and artists such as David Finch and J. Scott Campbell, growing stars like Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead), as well as up-and-coming writer Ryan Sohmers (Gutters) and local superhero squad Fierce Comics!"
Also, thanks LaurenCohanFC for heads up!


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Surprise, surprise!

Hey, hey, hey! As I promised, I have a surprise .... but there are more actually.
The first is the most obvious - We have a new theme for the blog :) I hope you like it
The second .... we've got a Twitter account now !!! Yes, finally! and it actually got really good, cause Glen Mazzara (the producer of The Walking Dead) replied to me, yey. He just said "Hi" but it means a lot to me, I hope Lauren will reply too, when she will be on Twitter.
You can follow us at @LaurenCohanRo!
And finally the third "surprise" is that we have an official email adress now: so if you have something about Lauren and want it to be posted here, send me a mail, and I'll post it !

Thank you! Xoxo

Twitter News: Lauren is finally VERIFIED

Yeey! After all the wait, Twitter finally verified Lauren. But be careful! She is now @LaurenCohan ... NO longer Lauren__Cohan! And if you haven't already, go ahead and click FOLLOW on her account. Xo 
P.S: Also, I have a (kind of) surprise for you, later :) 

Lauren visited the writers of Walking Dead yesterday !

Super cool! I've got some new pics of the amazing Lauren for you guys. Yesterday (Feb 23) she went to see the writers of The Walking Dead and Glen Mazara tweeted to LCF these beautiful pics! Thankss so much LCF! Enjoy!

luni, 20 februarie 2012

Lauren vs Rihanna

Hehe :) I was blogwalking, facebook-walking and I saw this picture of Rihanna that caught my attention ... something looked very familiar. Then I remembered: Our flawless Lauren wore a similar one at The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere. It's a Dolce & Gabanna Green Satin Dress. The difference is that Rihanna's dress is longer, and Lauren's is shorter :) They both look amazing wearing it, but I must say I like the shorter version better - and on Lauren of course.

(Lots of) New pics from Mega Con + 1 video