vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Surprise, surprise!

Hey, hey, hey! As I promised, I have a surprise .... but there are more actually.
The first is the most obvious - We have a new theme for the blog :) I hope you like it
The second .... we've got a Twitter account now !!! Yes, finally! and it actually got really good, cause Glen Mazzara (the producer of The Walking Dead) replied to me, yey. He just said "Hi" but it means a lot to me, I hope Lauren will reply too, when she will be on Twitter.
You can follow us at @LaurenCohanRo!
And finally the third "surprise" is that we have an official email adress now: so if you have something about Lauren and want it to be posted here, send me a mail, and I'll post it !

Thank you! Xoxo

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