marți, 18 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Christian DIOR for the LA Magazine Photoshoot

I think Lauren Cohan should become the new "face of Dior", because their clothes look absolutely wonderful on her. Don't you think?
Thank you Tonia, again, for the help <3

luni, 17 martie 2014

Lauren's Style at the Walker Stalker Convention - Day 3 - March 16th 2014

First of all, I have to announce that this is the CLOSE LOOK - I don't know exactly what Lauren wore but these clothes/jewels are very similar.
I liked her clothes at the WS Con so much! The necklace is my fave, I have to admit <3

The links where to buy these, below:

And thank you very much to the girl that shared the photo of Lauren!

duminică, 16 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing Tory Burch coat for the LA Magazine photoshoot

Seems like this is my lucky day! Well these Tory Burch Kensington coats don't seem to have the exact same pattern - I mean the flower print is a little different on each of them, but in the end it's the same coat :)
Did I ever mention that this is my fave photo from that photoshoot?

Lauren Cohan wearing Christian Siriano gown for the LA Magazine Photoshoot

You guys remember the wonderful photoshoot Lauren did for LA Mag with Steven Yeun? An affair to remember 

Well I know I loved all her 'lady outfits' in that shoot, and now I'm very excited to share one of them with you (oh,well... you know that by "share" I only mean give you the brand and sometimes the link where to buy it haha).

 for only $6,800 (haha sorry I just couldn't resist it)

joi, 13 martie 2014

Lauren Cohan wearing TopShop dress on Talking Dead - 9.03.2014

Miss Lauren Cohan was on Talking Dead a few days ago (as you probably know) looking all smiley and pretty, but most important: classy. The TopShop dress she wore was so beautiful and ellegant, I just loved it! She accesorized it with her triangle necklace, wich we have seen before in the photoshoot for Nylon (and not only).

You can BUY it here

Thank you so much Gillies' Girl (aka Lauren Cohan & Daniel Gillies Italia)  for the heads up! <3