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Happy New Year Everyone!!

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year !! I hope for 2013 to be an amazing year for Lauren! I hope she will have more and more fans and many roles! Xoxo, Symonna

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Lauren in BuddyTV's Sexiest 100 Women on TV

Awww, that's so awesome! Lauren this year is on the 12th place in the Sexiest 100 Women on TV !! I'm so proud of her!

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The Riverside Theater will host an evening with the cast and creators of The Walking Dead

That's really good news, right?
Here's the official announcement:
"The Riverside Theater will host an evening with the cast and creators of The Walking Dead on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013. The show will feature a live panel discussion and fan Q&A with cast members Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yeun (Glenn), andLauren Cohan (Maggie), as well as executive producer and special effects expert Greg Nicotero. The show is not part of a national tour, and is unique to Milwaukee.
Reserved seating tickets are $32.50, with a limited amount of meet-and-great tickets available for $100. Tickets go on sale Friday, Dec. 7 at noon.”
Well for me every single new event for Lauren is a smile! Can't wait, and I hope she won't cancel!

Lauren's Christmas gift ?!?!

We don't know for sure ... but I think that's what Santa dropped for Lauren! And it's an AMAZING gift, given that she loves tigers so much! Hahah ... I wish I had such an idea :)

Merry Christmas to you all and our inspiration Lauren Cohan!

Wee! It's that time of the year! And I love the winter holidays so much, I can't even explain! So that's why I wanted to wish you all: wonderful fans and amazing Lauren, a very very:

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New informations about "Reach Me" !

Remember that new project of Lauren "Reach Me" ?   Yeah? Ok! Well I have some news :)

First: Lauren's character is Kate!
Then some info's about the movie:  A drama centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach.
Producers: John Herzfeld (director & writer)
Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: 2013
Filming Locations: El Segundo, California, USA
Budget: $ 8, 000, 000 (estimated)
Company: Seraphim Films Inc.

On set photos:

Lauren appears in an advertisement for the television channel FOX!

I'm SPEECHLESS ... she's so beautiful and somehow she transmits peace. I just love her <3

Click on the photo to see them all!

New amazing (and old) personal pic of Lauren

Heeey guys! I've missed you! I know I haven't been here in a pretty long while and for that I'm so sorry, but I am now, and I'll update with everything I can!

So about this photo...
There's Lauren (left) and her very good friend Amy Shiels (right), and I have no idea how old the photo is but I'm sure it is pretty old ...wich makes me love it even more, cause I love all these! Check the gallery HERE for more personal pictures of Lauren!

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Entertainista: Exclusive interview with Lauren Cohan announced us last week that they are taking an interview with Lauren, and now it's finally live! Thank you so much for the announcement & interview!
One of the hottest shows on TV right is AMC’s The Walking Dead, we ourselves are big fans and haven’t missed an episode.  One of the breakout stars is Lauren Cohan, who joined the series last year as ‘Maggie Green’ daughter of farm owner Hershel Green.
Now we’ve been fans of Lauren’s for a while now thanks to her roles a ‘Bella’ onSupernatural and ‘Rose’ on The Vampire Diaries, and we recently got to chat with Lauren via phone and got some scoop on this season of The Walking Dead including her thoughts about last weeks epic episode “The Killer Within”
Entertainista: This past episode we lost both TDog and Lori, and you had to help deliver Lori’s baby, were shocked about this episode and who was dying?
Lauren Cohan: “ I was really Shocked, it took a minute when I read the script for the ending to really sink in. I had just come off a full day of shooting with I got the script and thought give it a quick read; I cried myself to sleep.  They both [TDog and Lori] had such hero deaths, but it was sad we lost our matriarch in a way.  The good thing about this [The Walking Dead] is that a death is never in done in vain; both of these deaths will bring so much more to the story we are trying to tell especially how Rick and Carl deal with losing Lori.  The start of the episode was so happy and silly with Maggie and Glenn looking for alone time and Herschel walking, how silly we are to think everything is going to be fine.”
Entertainista: Maggie and Glen are like are rock couple, what can you tell is coming up for Maggie?
Lauren: “There is some really good stuff to come for us [Glenn/Maggie].  The upcoming clash with Woodberry and struggling with them.  The writers and producers like to say “When everything is okay with Maggie and Glenn all is right with world, but when there are issues/conflict nothing is okay.  The  love of  they have for each other creates a kind of  vulnerability for those two. Even though there is more violence this year there is also more heart this year.”
Entertainista: Does knowing what happens in the comics help or hurt you
Lauren: “I have only read up through the prison issues but I don’t think it matters as they are both on going.  I don’t think fans want the show to be for batum from comics. Some of what you see in the comics, like the violence with the Governor, needed to be done to such extreme to get the point across; for TV we don’t have to got to such extremes.  
In regards to comic issue #100 – “I did read the 100th issue and could not believe, I cried a little at what happened.”
The Walking Dead Lauren CohanEntertainista: In the comics Glenn & Maggie “adopt” Sophia as their own, since Sophia died last season will we see Maggie/Glenn become the pseudo parents for Lori’s baby?
Lauren: “You are going to see the softer side of the all the characters when it comes to the new baby. Everyone kind of steps up and takes on the parenting role, I can’t really say more beyond that.  It was nice to be around the baby on the set, made the days feel a bit happier.”
Entertainista: Are there any times on set that you get creeped out seeing all the extra’s in their zombie/walker makeup?
Lauren: “It is not so much creepy but it does gross us out at time (like during lunch). In a way we’ve become a bit desensitized, like when we are all out in the daylight and we can see them all.  I will say in episode 2 when we were going through the tombs of the prison, we it is very dark so we cannot see them coming and ya that can be scary.”
Entertainista: The show is known for its grueling filming schedule in the heat in the South which can wreak havoc on your skin; what are her favorite The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan Steven Yeunbeauty routines to help adapt?
Lauren: “It is not so much about the product I use but about what I put into my body. I am all about what I eat and drink..lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies. We don’t actually wear a lot of make-up on the show, we are just  covered in a lot of zinc (sunscreen).  I am a really big fan of Phoenix Sunscreen, I wear that on top of head and face.  I also don’t have a lot of time to go out and get skin treatments done, so for at home treatments I am a big fan Jan Marini, she has a great Papaya Natural enzyme maskthat works great.”

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Lauren and her dad at panit ball - Part 2: The Victory

After she tweeted that photo of her and her dad going to play paintball, few hours after, she tweeted "Victory" - with this photo!
Hahah, she looks so funny!

And then "My ride":
Awesome! I'm so glad she shared the pics, and the experience with us! Love you little angel!

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New photo from the Lazy Sunday Photoshoot ?!?

Okay, I'm not sure if this is an actual pic from the photoshoot, or if it's modified somehow ... but I wanted to share it with you anyway!
Part of me thinks that it's real because there are things that are different.... hmm, what do you guys think?

TwitPic: Lauren and her dad at paint ball!

 "Taking my Dad paint balling"

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HQ Videos - Conan O'Brien Show

Lauren Cohan on Conan Show - 11.08.2012

Finally, we have the video from Lauren's appearance on Conan Show, last night! It's simply AMAZING. She's so funny, and lovely and smart ... she has the best answers!
(By the way, if I find a more HQ-ish (if that's a word) vid, I'll definitely post it!)
And she looked soooo pretty <3 Ahh, I love her!

A little while before the show, she tweeted this pic saying: "This happened!"

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FIRST PHOTO: Lauren on the set of "Reach Me"

Awwww, I didn't expect to see a photo from set so soon! Happy!

Lauren Cohan talks to IGN about The Walking Dead

"IGN spoke to actress Lauren Cohan on Nov. 2about her role as Maggie on "The Walking Dead." Maggie is one of Hershel's daughters and currently is romantically linked to longtime mainstay Glenn in the group of zombie apocalypse survivors.
When a zombie bit a chunk out of her dad's leg, Maggie gave in and told him it was ok if he wanted to go ahead and die, in stark contrast to her sister Beth, who busily cut legs off of pants for her dad to wear if he recovered. However, the actress sees her character as a source of strength, someone who will always do what is best to survive.
"She’s a very strong person. She’s emotionally and physically strong," Cohan said. "That doesn’t mean she’s not sometimes doubtful, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes terrified by any of this."
This strength is one of the reasons that Maggie in the comics has survived as long as she has, one of the few original survivors to still remain through the first 100 issues.
"There’s debate, there’s always debate," Cohan said. "Maggie has such strong instincts about what we should do, but she knows that the way to get them done isn’t necessarily to declare them outright. It’s more of her influence and her strength that will help the group."
"The Walking Dead" airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC."

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Lauren is working on a new film - "Reach Me"

Oh, my, Gosh! I'm dead! I'm so happy! I can't wait !! (I guess that's fangirl-ing)

I wonder what's her role ... what is it about ... ahhhhh! There's nothing about it on IMDb yet, so all we have is questions. Do you guys think we could make her tweet a pic from set ?! Probably not, lol.

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NEW Magazine Photoshoot - Lady Gunn Magazine

Oh my gosh! There's a new amazing magazine photoshoot on its way!
Ahhhh, I'm so happy!
I can't wait to find all the pics & read the interview!

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Lauren tweets a "Coca Cola" Photo + A little bit of Sherlock Holm-ing

Earlier today, our lovely Lauren tweeted this photo, adding "Napkin on plane, makes me so happy!"
And we have to admit, that little polar bear can make you smile. And that brings me to .... can you imagine Lauren's smile when she saw it? That light perfect smile! Ahhhh.
And now let's decode the message behind these tweets (LOL, so Sherlock Holmes).
First of all she said "on plane" so of course all of us are wondering: Where is she going? Well, I might have a vague answer to that question. Here's a tweet from Lauren's very good friend Amy Shiels:
That could mean Lauren's going to UK and the girls are going to spend some quality time together.
But wait a minute.... they already did this, about a month ago.
So what I'm saying is that she's not filming ... and I really hope that doesn't mean what I think it might mean.
No, no, no. My thoughts were wrong (thank God) - she's just having a free week.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 - New ON SET Photos

Thank you so much to Millie Fernandes , for giving us exclusively these amazing photos from the season 3 set. She said: "it was about 6:30AM ..... we got there about 5:30pm the night before.... it was along night/morning. We look crazy lol" haha.
Click to enlarge!

New interview: Humans biggest threat in new series (Lauren & Norman Reedus)

It's a lovely interview ... I have to admit I mostly kept on staring at Lauren, because SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL! Click on the photo below to see the interview:

"Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan says the "human threat" is the biggest danger in the third series of the zombie drama.
The actress, who plays Maggie Greene, reckons the show is successful because people imagine how they would cope in the place of the characters."

Gallery > Interviews > Lauren's interview with BBC News

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Lauren's interview with Starry Constellation Magazine

Q:  What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?
A:  Oh, “The Walking Dead,” “The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead." It’s been about nine months that we’ve been shooting season three. I also did a great episode of “Children’s Hospital,” which is a completely left-field parody that’s on Adult Swim that came out this year. Then, I have a little recurrence on “The Vampire Diaries,” but my year has been pretty much taken up with the apocalypse. So, it’s been a good 2012 so far. Interesting season three.     
Q:  What can you tease us about the upcoming “The Walking Dead” season and about your character?
A:  We’re going to see a changed Maggie. She’s still the same girl at heart, but she has risen up to the challenge of becoming a warrior. She sort of joins the men as one of the stronger members of the group to clear the way to a new home and to a new safe-hold for the group to live in. We see them at the end of season two, leaving the farm in a storm as they run from the sea of “walkers” that are sort of taking over that land and they really are a group that has no place to lay their head. We had a hint of that at the end of season two, which the group ends up finding in season three. We now have a very pregnant Lori and we have Maggie and Glenn who are still intact as a couple (so very, very strong as a couple) sort of taking more of a leadership role. Maggie still is lucky enough that her father and her sister are alive and it’s just trying to maintain that family security, trying to keep people safe and in the process, learning to wield a lot of weapons and really learning what it takes to survive, not just against the Zombies and in this derelict world, but also against a new human threat, which is the governor and the people Woodbury who wish no good to our group. So, just when you think they’ve been through enough and they’ve kind of earned the right to rest easy, things only get more difficult. 
Q:  We love Maggie as a Zombie killing soldier. How has it been filming the fight scenes?
A:  The fight scenes have been some of my favorite parts of the show. We’re very lucky that we get to do this deep character drama and then turn around the next minute and we’re in with this full-on action, Braveheart-esque thriller. The little girl inside of me that always sort of loved horror as a kid and sort of put it to one side as I grew up. It has now had a complete return to everything gore related. I was watching the season premiere and it’s so cool, because I watched and remembered how much I loved sort of screaming for my life, thrusting blades through the skull of a Zombie and beating up our stuntmen. It’s definitely my favorite part of the job. You hone your own war cry and you really feel what you’re made of when you do this stuff and it’s just absolutely awesome. All of us go into doing these scenes and we just feel like kids that are at the best summer camp of our lives. It’s really cool. I wish everybody could have this experience.
Q:  What has been your hardest scene to shoot this season?
A:  My hardest scene is definitely when my family comes under threat and you sort of realize that nothing is safe and that no one is safe. It’s very difficult because you become so close with your cast as well as the characters become close with their family members. So you sort of face a few challenges over time. The hardest thing is to say good-bye to people, definitely. It’s a great challenge as an actor and a great challenge as a human being.   
Q:  You filmed in rural Georgia. How do you spend your down-time on set?
A:  Down time? Don’t get that much of it, but when we do I definitely go to some fun place to go out dancing in Georgia. I love to go to wine bars and just walk around. Georgia has so many beautiful parks and now that it’s cooling off it’s really nice to be outside. They also have amazing vintage shops. I’m a huge vintage shopper, I absolutely love it. My one thing that I love to do most is decorate houses. I’m in a rented house so it’s sort of difficult for me because I’d love to be tearing down walls and painting and stuff like that. So, that’s my one hobby I have to reserve until I’m back home in England. But yeah, the crew and cast, we’re all very very tight. We spend a lot of time just sort of hanging out. We go away for the weekend, visited Charleston and different places that are a few hours drive from Atlanta. It’s a beautiful place to be.  
Q:  How will relationships be tested this season?
A:  Sometimes there’s a challenge and a danger when you’re in love with someone and how that can be held against you. You’ll get to see some of that this season.
Q:  What do you think it is about the show that continues to draw so many viewers?
A:  I think that people can see themselves in the situations that these characters are in. They’re people that have been thrust into this challenge. They haven’t chosen to be in an apocalypse and when you’re faced with death and survival, you do what you need to do and I think it shows what sort of character you really are. I think we’re all in our heart really, really curious about how we’d fare. So that’s why I think we as a cast are always trying to keep it and the whole production team are trying to keep it as honest and real as possible to let people sort of hopefully see themselves in this position. 
Q:  You’re part of the social networking site Twitter. Why is that important for you to connect with fans this way, and were you surprised that you have such a large international fan base?
A:  I feel incredibly lucky for “The Walking Dead” to be released internationally, for myself and for the fans. I know that it’s such a fun show to connect with people on and it’s such a cool transformation from the comic to the television show that I know people like to have a forum to sort of talk with us, talk with the creators of the show and talk with each other. I’m so grateful to Twitter for that because it’s the fans that make the show. The show would be nothing without them. I really love them, I love their support. We get nothing but such great ideas and great questions. We pinch ourselves every day for how cool it is to be on that show and how cool it is to make it with all of you guys. We love it, bring it on. 
Q:  Is there anything about your "The Walking Dead" character that wasn’t written that you chose to add yourself to enhance the character?
A:  Every day, everything that’s written expands tenfold when we bring ourselves and our characters. You’re always coming to evolve, making choices you believe Maggie would make and you’re getting to know Maggie through the course of the thing (and me as well). I’m getting to know Maggie through the course of filming and making the show. There are things that you are conscious of being and then there’s all kind of unconscious things that you bring to the show and that Steven [Yeun] brings to the show and Norman [Reedus], Andy [Lincoln] and Sarah [Wayne Callies]. It’s such a pleasure to see these characters become three dimensional. It’s what excites the writers and it’s what excites us. We have this great communication between the production and the writer’s room and us as actors and it’s really a fun thing because if there’s a great idea that somebody has, everybody wants to sort of talk through this idea and make the show as good as possible. So, sometimes me as Maggie or Lauren will be interacting with the group and I’ll say you know, "I don’t know that character that well. I’d love to have a scene where I really get to know Carol, where Maggie and Carol get to sort of get to know each other and who they were before all the world went to shit." So, it’s such a symbiotic thing. We’re very much in touch with each other about how to make this as interesting as possible, because if we’re excited about it, that plays on screen and that plays to you guys. That gets everybody thinking, and that’s really what keeps us alive. It keeps “The Walking Dead” live.
Q:  You’ve teased about a return to "The Vampire Diaries," is there anything you can share further about about Rose with fans?
A:  Yes, I’ve just done a little return to “The Vampire Diaries” this year, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen. If there was something meatier I’d definitely go back and say "hello."
Q:  You touched on it briefly, but what would you like to say to people who are fans and supporters of you and your work?
A:  I think I said before just how grateful I am, but I just really love meeting people. When I meet people at conventions and I meet people in the street who have been fans, definitely a lot of stuff I’ve done (my trajectory so far) has been a lot of science-fiction and it’s what I love. Getting a chance to do that with “Chuck,” showed a little bit more comedic and I'm engaged with “The Walking Dead,” which has been a very fun. It just been fun. I definitely feel this immense gratitude. The amount of people I meet that are like, "You’re just so cool! You go from one of my favorite shows to the next of my favorite shows!" I just think, I grew up watching "Star Trek" and I love story and I love heightened reality and fantastic realism. It’s one of my favorite things to do. So, I’m really glad to meet everybody there and I’m really glad to be so lucky to do such great shows. That they’re watched by people, and that so many people are fans of them as much as I am, I just hope to keep doing challenging stuff, do some good movies and do some things.

Interview by: Lisa Steinberg
Photo by: Simon Perry (Lazy Sunday Magazine) - edited

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Lauren will go to FACTS 2012 Convention

Woo-hoo! Another con! Let's hope she won't have to cancel again :)

"Lauren Cohan will join our Walking Dead guests Charlie Adlard andNorman Reedus.
She plays Maggie Greene in ACM’s cult serie The Walking Dead but many Vampire Diaries fans will also know her as Rose.
Other credits inlcude Chuck, Death race 2, Young Alexander the Great and Supernatural.
Other info & tickets - HERE

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The Hollywood Reporter: Exclusive interview with Lauren Cohan & Steven Yeun

THR has an exclusive "Gleggie" interview! I didn't select only the Lauren parts because I think it's awesome as it is! Enjoy!

7 Days of 'Walking Dead': Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan on Glenn and Maggie's Rough Road Ahead

Plus Yeun previews there are more letters to come in the comic series in the wake of the events of the 100th issue.

Maggie and Glenn have always been the glimmer of hope on AMC's The Walking Dead. The outspoken farmer's daughter and the former pizza delivery guy found their way to each other on the zombie drama's second season after they barely escaped the burning farm that had been overrun by walkers, with Glenn using the opportunity to (finally!) profess his love for Maggie.
This season, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are on the road as what's left of Rick's group searches for a place to call home -- along with Maggie's father Hershel (Scott Wilson) and younger sister, Beth (Emily Kinney). As part of our Seven Days of The Walking Dead preview leading up to Sunday's third season premiere, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Yeun and Cohan to preview the tests ahead for the on-screen couple.
The Hollywood Reporter: Now that Glenn has a whole family with him -- Maggie, Hershel, Beth -- how will that change him? Might he need to man up faster than he'd anticipated?
Yeun: When disaster does strike, his initial reaction last season was to freak out with the new things that are coming forward. With Maggie, when disaster struck and he almost died, he bugged out for a second. This season is Glenn having been weathered, having gone through it and understanding that he is an important and vital person and he has to be a man an in order to do that. He needs to man up and that's what he does: he doesn't cower in the face of disaster but puffs out.
How will things change for Maggie now that she's out of the confines of the farm?
Cohan: She continues protecting her family and brings Glenn into that fold. Right in the beginning of the season, they're going to be challenged immediately. The new family dynamic with the group being so small and in a new location is going to be very real and interesting because we have people who are in positions of authority -- as we see at the end of season two with Rick declaring that it's not a democracy -- that you question but still know that you have to trust. There's no division within this group; it's still a whole new family. For Maggie, it's that we've come this far already and that's all she really knows how to do.
Will Maggie step up up more? Andrea is MIA and the group doesn't have a strong viable female leader.
Cohan: We do see Maggie stepping up more in terms of the advice, support and force that she can provide. We definitely see a battle for Rick to maintain control for the group and to maintain strength for the group. It's very much like a real family: You know that people can make wrong decisions sometimes but it's always for the group's good at the forefront. Maggie is questioning and challenging it the whole time -- for the sake of protecting the group. She's very outspoken and goes out and does a lot of things by herself.
Maggie's evolving into more of an outspoken bad-ass. What will that mean for Glenn, who's pretty easygoing and non-confrontational?
Yeun: At first, that's a dynamic of the cowgirl and the meek kid. They come together and the greatest part of that relationship is the fact that they balance each other out. Where one is weak, the other is strong. It's not a Wonder Twins situation by any means but they're definitely there for each other and it really works.
How will Glenn 2.0 impact Rick? Will they be shocked by him saying no more often?
Yeun: That's the greatest part of this: You see what a new dynamic brings into the group and you see what outside threats bring into the group. Those outside threats also mess with the internal dynamics of the group and you'll see everything and everyone tested.
How will Glenn and Maggie be tested this year?
Yeun: When you have things to live for, those are the things that can be directly used against you to test you.
Cohan: We're going to see really great stuff where the bond that Maggie and Glenn have becomes a weakness for them and they're played against each other. As we know, the human threat is going to be very prevalent this year. We've seen that the bond gives them reason to live but it's also now going to challenge them and in some ways, make them weaker. But why would the rest of it be worth it if they didn't take that risk for each other. The fact that Glenn comes into the family, they have this symbiotic support: there are times where he really goes over the edge and she brings him back in and they learn what it takes to be a real couple. We're going to see a young couple in the apocalypse learning to be the most communicative, mature couple that they possibly can and that's a new lesson.
What comes between them? Is it a difference of opinion or is it an outside factor?
Cohan: It's going to be an outside factor and it's going to involve everybody. You're going to see a divide in what people think is the safest thing to do. It's friction the whole time and nothing really ever gets settled until there's death.
With the impending confrontation with the Governor (David Morrissey), how will Glenn respond to that?
Yeun: It's such an amazing arc how it all pans out. I can't spoil that.
Knowing what Glenn's fate in the 100th issue of the comics is, does that change the way you approach playing him?
Yeun: No, I just want to play what's truthful and honest. What's honest about Glenn is he's still a kid in that he's in his early 20s and yes, you grow up a bit faster, but you still have to make mistakes along the way to figure that out. I want to play that and see him flawed. Glenn has been painted in a different way: Maybe he's not painted in a completely subservient role and that's great but I also don't want him to be a perfect human being who isn't layered because that isn't interesting or realistic. Glenn is completely flawed as well.
Has there been any good-natured ribbing on the set about Glenn's death?
Yeun: (Laughs) I just wrote that letter to [Walking Dead creator/executive producer]Robert Kirkman (in the comics) and he wrote right back. We might keep that going. I told him I was going to send write to Letter Hacks. I wrote, "Dear Mr. Kirkman, I hope this letter finds you well." That was the first two lines I got out, then I thought, "No I don't." And from there I just went with it and wrote, "Actually I hope this letter finds you with Tuberculosis," which is a pretty terrible thing (laughs). I would assume that he'd write back but what he did write back was hilarious. You should watch out for something back, it might not be issue by issue but we'll see what happens.
What did you think of Glenn's death in the comics? 
Yeun: It was crazy. But that's an awesome way to go: unexpected, impactful and just disturbing. It bled off the page, even the way Glenn says, "Maggie," just bounced off the page.

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New BTS from TWD Season 3

A new behind the scenes from The Walking Dead S3 ... goshhh I can't wait!!

New Video from the Walking Dead S3 Premiere

Lorena Sarbu tweets about Lauren's dress @ The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere in LA

I still can't get over the fact that Lauren REALLY wore a dress by a Romanian designer. It's too much! I mean she coud choose from hundreds of designers, and she chose LorenaS ... it's an AMAZING feeling!
The dress is from the "Resort 2013" Collection, here you can see others!
Well, It's a really beautiful dress! I loved it before I found out who designed it ... now I love it even more lol.

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New photo of Lauren and Liz Hernandes

Tweet: "Thank you @LaurenCohan for the fun interview! Catch her on AMC's The Walking Dead."
Can't wait to see the interview!!!

Lauren wore a dress by a Romanian designer, Lorena Sarbu!

Oh my gosh!!! I'm dead right now (walking dead hahaha). So Lauren's lovely dress was designed by the romanian designer Lorena Sarbu!!!!! You guys have NO IDEA how much this means to me!
CelebrityFashion has written:
"Lauren Cohan joined in on the premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 3, on Thursday (October 4) in Universal City, California.
 She looked fabulous wearing a mango-orange leather dress with an asymmetric peplum by Lorena Sarbu.
Her sleeveless dress was styled with gold jewelry (more about the jewelry HERE), a Rebecca Minkoff metallic ostrich clutch, and criss-cross sandals by Prada.
A pretty hair style and lovely makeup rounded out her look."
They also found some SIMILAR jewelry and a similar dress, but not the ones she wore! 

Okay so I. AM. ON CLOUD 9 !!!!! That's too amazing to be true!

Lauren Cohan Style: MM Jewelry

Looks like Lauren wore lots of jewelry from "Melinda Maria", and I love her choices! Everything looked amazing on her and the MM looked pretty excited about it!
Huhh.. it's pretty expansive to look so good! Really hope we'll find the dress too!

POLL: Choose your favourite at AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

MoeJackson.Com has a poll called simply "Choose your favourite" haha ... after a small article:

"AMC’s The Walking Dead is back for a 3rd season and is set to premiere on October 14th at 9/8c. The series is based on the comic book of the same name so as season three approaches, it’ll be set in both an abandoned prison and an active rural town of survivors. As for the ladies posted, Sarah Wayne Callies stars as Lori Grimes, Laurie Holden as Andrea, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, and Emily Kinney as Beth Greene."
VOTE for Lauren HERE
(And yeah ... of course they said "Laura Cohan")

Photo Update: New and old events!

Yeah, I know.... LOTS of new photos!
Well, first, here are some new and exclusive photos from "AMC's Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere"
(Click on the image to see all)
And then ... some new pics (and amazing pics) from the "The Walking Dead Issue 100 Celebration"
(Click on the image to see all)
Yeah well... they're awesome photos. But I really wish they didn't put the tag exactly on HER FACE! But anyway ... they're new photos and they all smell good to me hahah.

New photo and video: TWD S3 Premiere

New Photos from the Walk of Fame Event

3 new amazing pics from the Walk of Fame Event! Lauren looks so sweet!
The rest of the pics in the gallery HERE!

Photos & Videos: Lauren Cohan @ The Walking Dead Season 3 LA Premiere

Oh my Godness! She looked SO BEAUTIFUL last night, at the Season 3 Premiere! That orange dress fit her so well and she was all herself! I love that she's not trying to change for anything... or anyway, that's what I see!
Click on the image to see ALL the photos!

joi, 4 octombrie 2012

New Photos (and video) from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Check the gallery for all the pics :) HERE
(Thanks to Lauren Cohan Fanclub for the newest ones)
And here's a video ... you can see Lauren in the background (somewhere under that tree, next to Laurie and Danai)