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Lauren Cohan talks to IGN about The Walking Dead

"IGN spoke to actress Lauren Cohan on Nov. 2about her role as Maggie on "The Walking Dead." Maggie is one of Hershel's daughters and currently is romantically linked to longtime mainstay Glenn in the group of zombie apocalypse survivors.
When a zombie bit a chunk out of her dad's leg, Maggie gave in and told him it was ok if he wanted to go ahead and die, in stark contrast to her sister Beth, who busily cut legs off of pants for her dad to wear if he recovered. However, the actress sees her character as a source of strength, someone who will always do what is best to survive.
"She’s a very strong person. She’s emotionally and physically strong," Cohan said. "That doesn’t mean she’s not sometimes doubtful, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes terrified by any of this."
This strength is one of the reasons that Maggie in the comics has survived as long as she has, one of the few original survivors to still remain through the first 100 issues.
"There’s debate, there’s always debate," Cohan said. "Maggie has such strong instincts about what we should do, but she knows that the way to get them done isn’t necessarily to declare them outright. It’s more of her influence and her strength that will help the group."
"The Walking Dead" airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC."

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