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Entertainista: Exclusive interview with Lauren Cohan announced us last week that they are taking an interview with Lauren, and now it's finally live! Thank you so much for the announcement & interview!
One of the hottest shows on TV right is AMC’s The Walking Dead, we ourselves are big fans and haven’t missed an episode.  One of the breakout stars is Lauren Cohan, who joined the series last year as ‘Maggie Green’ daughter of farm owner Hershel Green.
Now we’ve been fans of Lauren’s for a while now thanks to her roles a ‘Bella’ onSupernatural and ‘Rose’ on The Vampire Diaries, and we recently got to chat with Lauren via phone and got some scoop on this season of The Walking Dead including her thoughts about last weeks epic episode “The Killer Within”
Entertainista: This past episode we lost both TDog and Lori, and you had to help deliver Lori’s baby, were shocked about this episode and who was dying?
Lauren Cohan: “ I was really Shocked, it took a minute when I read the script for the ending to really sink in. I had just come off a full day of shooting with I got the script and thought give it a quick read; I cried myself to sleep.  They both [TDog and Lori] had such hero deaths, but it was sad we lost our matriarch in a way.  The good thing about this [The Walking Dead] is that a death is never in done in vain; both of these deaths will bring so much more to the story we are trying to tell especially how Rick and Carl deal with losing Lori.  The start of the episode was so happy and silly with Maggie and Glenn looking for alone time and Herschel walking, how silly we are to think everything is going to be fine.”
Entertainista: Maggie and Glen are like are rock couple, what can you tell is coming up for Maggie?
Lauren: “There is some really good stuff to come for us [Glenn/Maggie].  The upcoming clash with Woodberry and struggling with them.  The writers and producers like to say “When everything is okay with Maggie and Glenn all is right with world, but when there are issues/conflict nothing is okay.  The  love of  they have for each other creates a kind of  vulnerability for those two. Even though there is more violence this year there is also more heart this year.”
Entertainista: Does knowing what happens in the comics help or hurt you
Lauren: “I have only read up through the prison issues but I don’t think it matters as they are both on going.  I don’t think fans want the show to be for batum from comics. Some of what you see in the comics, like the violence with the Governor, needed to be done to such extreme to get the point across; for TV we don’t have to got to such extremes.  
In regards to comic issue #100 – “I did read the 100th issue and could not believe, I cried a little at what happened.”
The Walking Dead Lauren CohanEntertainista: In the comics Glenn & Maggie “adopt” Sophia as their own, since Sophia died last season will we see Maggie/Glenn become the pseudo parents for Lori’s baby?
Lauren: “You are going to see the softer side of the all the characters when it comes to the new baby. Everyone kind of steps up and takes on the parenting role, I can’t really say more beyond that.  It was nice to be around the baby on the set, made the days feel a bit happier.”
Entertainista: Are there any times on set that you get creeped out seeing all the extra’s in their zombie/walker makeup?
Lauren: “It is not so much creepy but it does gross us out at time (like during lunch). In a way we’ve become a bit desensitized, like when we are all out in the daylight and we can see them all.  I will say in episode 2 when we were going through the tombs of the prison, we it is very dark so we cannot see them coming and ya that can be scary.”
Entertainista: The show is known for its grueling filming schedule in the heat in the South which can wreak havoc on your skin; what are her favorite The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan Steven Yeunbeauty routines to help adapt?
Lauren: “It is not so much about the product I use but about what I put into my body. I am all about what I eat and drink..lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies. We don’t actually wear a lot of make-up on the show, we are just  covered in a lot of zinc (sunscreen).  I am a really big fan of Phoenix Sunscreen, I wear that on top of head and face.  I also don’t have a lot of time to go out and get skin treatments done, so for at home treatments I am a big fan Jan Marini, she has a great Papaya Natural enzyme maskthat works great.”

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