duminică, 30 septembrie 2012

Lazy Sunday Magazine

Oh my gosh! I've been waiting for a magazine photoshoot for SO LONG. And the dream finally came true <3 She's so awesome, she's ... PERFECT. See for yourself!
 And that dress <3 it's just amazing and it makes her look like an angel. I just can't wait for them to release the whole photoshoot. And they better do so, cause I need more amazing pics like these.
Okay and this one says "I'm adorable!" and no one can't disagree!

So yeah .... after missing from the page a while ... THAT was a surprise! Really happy!

New photo of Lauren in The Walking Dead S03 E04

Fuck Yeah >:)
Isn't she awesome? So beautiful and a bit bad ass and ahhhhh, she's our everything right ?

sâmbătă, 22 septembrie 2012

NEW Photos of Lauren from MCM Expo in Birmingham

Thanks so much to Bunny for giving us new exclusive photos of Lauren at the MCM Expo in Birmingham :)
Click HERE to see the rest of the photos in the gallery!

THR: "Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus Talk Characters!"

TheHollywoodReporter has an article about TWDS3 including Lauren & a new photo :)

"What's exciting for Maggie now is she's still trying to find a sense of joy in what they're doing and joy in the victory of finding a safe-hold or in taking out some walkers," Cohan says. "She still stops to smell the roses when she can, but it's ruthless and violent. The group before was on the road, but now she's joined them on this, and they're much more overwhelmed with the amount of walkers. She's still a farm girl at her core, but she's seen a lot of death."

joi, 6 septembrie 2012

Another "Dress like Lauren" + Her adress !!!!

So this amazingly lucky girl, found out that she has the same shirt as Lauren's :) Give her a follow, she's a confirmed LaurenCohanFan!
I want one too!!! :(

And, another huge fan, sent a letter to Lauren, and ... well we can't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that's her GA adress!
We also have her management adress:
So, if I were you, I would make 2 letters and send them to each adress haha ... just to be sure she gets it :)

New set of photos from C2E2 !

Thanks so much to AnimeNut on Flickr for sharing these amazing photos of Lauren at the Creation Comic and Entertainment Expo event earlier in April this year :) Enjoy!
Check the gallery for the other pics we have from this event !! Right here!

marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Funny Cartoon of Maggie, Andrea & Michonne

Hahaa ... very well done! 
Thanks Cecilia Lopez for it :)

New Twitter Photo from Lauren

It seems like Lauren along with her co-stars (and friends) Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus spent some time together. She tweeted the photo saying: "Norman, Laurie remember this day. Love you Norm, wish u were at beach w us xxoo"
Get readyy ... gotta say the pic is pretty funnyyy, and by the way "Wish u were at beach w us" hmmm ... so Lauren and Laurie were at the beach together! Well we kinda need some photos from there now ... just saying
Haha .. well they look like they had a really good time together so ... I'm happy for them!

Also, Laurie tweeted: "With Lauren Cohan singing Billie Joel by the piano..." - hmmm ... now I want photos from that ... I'm kinda crazy :)) and "Lauren and I love you Normy..you are the most beautiful human being inside and out. Wish you were here.xo"

New and old San Diego Comic Con Photos

We've got some new pics from the 2012 SDCC...
An old one but in HQ and the one we had was cropped - this one is full version (and AMAZING)...
and last but not least...old photos in HQ :)

New TWD Season 3 Production Still