marți, 4 septembrie 2012

New Twitter Photo from Lauren

It seems like Lauren along with her co-stars (and friends) Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus spent some time together. She tweeted the photo saying: "Norman, Laurie remember this day. Love you Norm, wish u were at beach w us xxoo"
Get readyy ... gotta say the pic is pretty funnyyy, and by the way "Wish u were at beach w us" hmmm ... so Lauren and Laurie were at the beach together! Well we kinda need some photos from there now ... just saying
Haha .. well they look like they had a really good time together so ... I'm happy for them!

Also, Laurie tweeted: "With Lauren Cohan singing Billie Joel by the piano..." - hmmm ... now I want photos from that ... I'm kinda crazy :)) and "Lauren and I love you are the most beautiful human being inside and out. Wish you were here.xo"

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