sâmbătă, 3 noiembrie 2012

Lauren tweets a "Coca Cola" Photo + A little bit of Sherlock Holm-ing

Earlier today, our lovely Lauren tweeted this photo, adding "Napkin on plane, makes me so happy!"
And we have to admit, that little polar bear can make you smile. And that brings me to .... can you imagine Lauren's smile when she saw it? That light perfect smile! Ahhhh.
And now let's decode the message behind these tweets (LOL, so Sherlock Holmes).
First of all she said "on plane" so of course all of us are wondering: Where is she going? Well, I might have a vague answer to that question. Here's a tweet from Lauren's very good friend Amy Shiels:
That could mean Lauren's going to UK and the girls are going to spend some quality time together.
But wait a minute.... they already did this, about a month ago.
So what I'm saying is that she's not filming ... and I really hope that doesn't mean what I think it might mean.
No, no, no. My thoughts were wrong (thank God) - she's just having a free week.

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