vineri, 1 martie 2013

Bad News: Lauren won't attend the PaleyFest + Sidney Con Cancelled

Unfortunately, Lauren cancelled her appearance at tonight's PaleyFest because she was already filming for "Law & Order: SVU" in New York, and she couldn't get back to LA soon enough. Though we have to see the good part of the story: she's filming for L & O and we all can't wait to see her as Avery right?

In other news: The "Shock Horror: Dead Downunder" convention in Sidney, Australia was CANCELLED.
Too bad ... I always wanted to see Lauren in Australia (if you remember, I actually said once that Australia is my fave place). Apparently one of the organizers quit his work for Culture Shock Events and that made them cancel the whole event! Kinda weird if you ask me, but hey ... it's their decision and we have to respect is whether we like it or not.

Anyways I'm sure Lauren will be invited to more events & cons so we have nothing to worry about :)

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