miercuri, 6 martie 2013

Lauren Cohan's best quotes @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

I selected a few quotes of Lauren from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Show. Hope you'll enjoy reading!

  • "I'm from New Jersey"
  • "Cherry Hill, New Jersey, so London via Cherry Hill NJ"
  • "Moved to London from New Jersey when I was 14"
  • "My mom's english, my dad's american"
  • "When I was a kid I had a crush on, of course, Michael Bolton...when I was six"
  • "My dad was like: Number one dad"
  • "I'm like six and blonde and < Yeah I do, I do, I do! > "
  • "You could never know what this means to me"

These were my favourites :) If you liked other quotes, you're welcome to share them with us at @LaurenCohanRo on twitter! 

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