marți, 3 iulie 2012

The Walking Dead: First look at season 3

Thanks (a lot) to Entertainment Weeky, we have the first 2 stills from TWD S3. And ... wow, it's one of those times when we're speechless. Lauren .. oh, no ... Maggie looks so damn hot! And she's so .... well .. see for yourself:
Oh, just look at those boots (I'm obsessed with shoes, so that's why I started with this lol) !!!!!! And the top & pants .... just ... it's like she's dressed to kill. She's perfect. Both of them actually (Lauren/Maggie) :)
 And guess what ... Lauren even tweeted about this:
What do you guys think ??? Aren't these pics just C-R-A-Z-Y ? Just like they said "season 3 is gonna be insane"! Can't waitttt! Share your thoughts with us (I'd love to hear your opinions) in the comments or twitter (@LaurenCohanRo). See ya later!  Kisssss

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