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The LAUREN COHAN experience

There are some stories from fans that met Lauren at the Mega Con and I thought it would be interesting to share with you. (Thx LCF!)

1. Jessica's story:
Jessica:  She was REALLY sweet. My friends and I went up to her to invite her to go to Disney World with us and she told us she hasn’t been since she was 11 and really wanted to go. So she got one of our names down with our number and told us she will call us to let us know. My friend tweeted her saying how awesome it was to meet her and she said she couldn’t go with us but loved hanging out with us, which shows you just how sweet she is. 
2. Cody's story: 
Cody: She said that she still gets the chills when she hears “The Walking Dead” theme song, also for the fans that don’t already know, she HAS signed up for next season for at least 16 episodes. I didn’t stay up long, I was extremely nervous and I was weak in the knees for the whole day afterwards haha. She did take a photo with me and gave me a free autograph.

3. Zoe's story:
So lets just start by saying this was my very first Convention ever and therefore I wasn’t as familiar with how these type of events work until I was there. I went there thinking of buying just the picture with Lauren, honestly she was the only one I was interested in getting a picture with. So after I got my ticket, first thing in the morning pictures were taken at 3:00, the next thing I did was go to the Vampire Diaries PanelIt was really cool for my first panel ever and i had a laugh with the fans all going crazy over Joseph Morgan (Klaus).  
Click "Read More" for the rest of the story. It's great, you should read it all.

Anyways, so yada yada time passed by and it was time for the picturess! I was waiting in  a hugeeee line so I assumed it was going to be a while until I got in but since I only wanted a picture with Lauren, the guy arranging the things separated us “Lauren ppl” as he liked to call us, from the rest of the ppl who were waiting to take pics with Joseph and David too, and ofc! our line was the shortest LOL but it was good because we were the first to get in and I was second in line!  I thought it was only going to be a few people, but surprisingly enough there were more then 10 wanting to take pictures with her, most of them fans of The Walking Dead of course! We were waiting for the cast to come in and they allowed me and the two people in front of me (they were together) to walk inside the booth ahead of time and I got to see the three of them (Joseph, David and Lauren) walk in and take a solo picture before they began taking the rest with the fans. Needless to say I was so not prepared for this! It was too fast and I was shaking so damn much when they told me to go in.
See, here’s the thing, I’ve been a Lauren Fan since she first was in Supernatural, Bela was my all time fave and I was so upset when she left that afterwards all I did was watch the few movies and shows she was in and well ofc then she came into The Vampire Diaries for a brief moment and I was happy again. So yes, you can say I was very excited to meet her.
First thing I did was to hug her…no kidding but hey, don’t blame me! She greeted me streching her arms out to me what was I supposed to do other than hug her while I could?! LOL
So I did and next thing I knew I was smiling at the camera and getting my pic taken and walking out of there doing a little happy dance…which explains why I look like a total idiot in the picture, brace yourselves.
So yes, after I took my picture with Lauren we all had to wait for at least three hours until it was time to pick them up, yeah don’t ask me! It takes them that long to print the freaking things. 
[...] I kept on walking and realized that “The Vampire Diaries” cast and “Warehouse 13″ one were at the end, there were noooooo lines so I just walked in and was walking a little closer to at least take a look at Eddie and Saul (Warehouse 13) and Lauren, this without knowing that I could just go to talk to them or buy the autograph right there.  
Yes eventually I figured it out so I stood there waiting in line for Lauren. Her line was probably the longest because she allowed the fans to talk to her for long periods of time which made me  love her even more, but also made me more damn nervous than I already was -.- LOL . Fortunately, some girls stood behind me and began to say how they just wanted to go and say hi to her because they have heard she was really nice so I told them to go in with me once the people in front of us were done and they did! 
So once we were in there Lauren was like “Hi! How’s it going?” and I was like “Good Good…” and begging for the life of me that the other two girls would say something so I wouldn’t look like a fool! And they did! LOL began telling her how they loved her in The Walking Dead and it was their favorite show ever! And then i told her I loved her since Supernatural so I should get more points for that and she laughed!  She then asked who the autograph was for (because I paid first) and I said me, so she asked me my name and when i said “Zoe” she was like “Z.O.E, right?” and I told her “Yes yes! No YS at the end or anything like that!” and she was like “I know right? I don’t understand why people write that name so weird!” hehehe So while she was signing my pic I was all on and on about how much i loved Bela, how she was my fave even though half the fandom hated her and how I wanted her back on the show because she got also killed in TVD, and yes she listened to me the whole time and told me how she also thought Bela was a very interesting character and how both deaths (Bela’s and Rose’s) were amazing in a way (I guess in the supernatural way) but either way…eep!!! She asked us if we were going to be there the next day as well (Sunday) I said no, and the girls with me said so as well, because well, I wasn’t planning on going on Sunday. So she signed one of the other girl’s pictures and then she asked the only girl left and when she told her she couldn’t afford it she just wanted to say hi, Lauren was like “Oh!” for a second there and then she told her “Well, we’ll just keep it between us! Don’t tell anyone!” and guys she signed the pic for the girl and she didn’t even need to pay that’s how freaking amazing that woman is!
[Sunday Panels, she decided to go after all, good choice!] So after that guess who I went to see again??? That’s right, Lauren!!! Hey I had to, ok? hehehe besides my excuse this time was to show her the pic I had taken with her, that was all! LOL.  So yes, once more I waited in line a little longer this time coz ppl just wont shut up around her geez!! (hypocrite i know LOL)
But when I finally walked to her I was all nervous and shaky again! Because OMG she just smiles at you and greets you with this amazing “Hi!!” as though she wasn’t tired for being there three days, she always shakes her fan’s hands, and her accent is just lovely ok? I could listen to her talk all day long. Anyways so my first reply was “Hi i was here yesterday, don’t know if you remember!” and she was like “Yes yes of course I remember!” but I mean she probably didn’t there’s just too many ppl who go there but either way I told her “I just wanted to show you this!” I took out my pic and showed her and she was like “Oh let me see…” I told her how I looked awful in it but she looked great and she was all sweet and amazing like “Nahhh you don’t not at all!”. I told her how she was surprisingly taller than me and she then recalled she was wearing heels or something like that. She then was like “what’s wrong with my hair? Is all over my face!” and laughed *__* and I was like “I dont know!” hehehe I asked her if she could sign the picture for me even though I already had her autograph and she instantly did so and was all apologetic like “I’m sorry…but what was your name again?” I mean come on! I didn’t expect her to remember it was just sweet how she tried to not be mean or something. So I told her “Zoe! You know, the huge Bela fan!” and she was like “Right right!” so she signed it for me. I told her I didn’t wanna take too much time because I had already spoken to her longer the day before and I didn’t want the ppl waiting in line to stay there much longer so last thing I did was to ask her for a hug and OMG she stood up right away and hugged me and I diedddd!!! Even though it was for like 3 seconds!!!
I know I was a big stalker and creep or something but I couldn’t help myself  I don’t even know where did that come from she’s just the sweetest most amazing beautiful famous person you’ll ever meet and I had to. She thanked me for going and I told her ‘No big thanks to you for being so sweet and nice’ and OMG yess I walked away with the biggest idiotic grin ever!!!
While she was writing the ‘From Me and Bela’ part she stopped for a second and asked me “You can read that right?” and I was like “Yes yes!” even though I didn’t even read what she wrote til after I left because i was just too nervous and stunned!”

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