sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012

Fans' reaction after The Vampire Diaries news!

Yeah, well ... after finding out that Rose will be back in TVD for episode 19, as a ghost, fans kinda freaked out. Just like me. Let's see what they have to say about this:

 I'm so happy to see you in TVD again! <3 xoxo

All of the ROSE and  fans are sharing a SUPER MASSIVE FREAK OUT!! <3 We get our precious Rosebud back!!! :'(

Sooooooo happy Rose will be back!  can NOT wait to have you back!  <3

So I was gunna go back to sleep, but I ended up seeing for the next TVD episode and ROSE WAS IN IT! Omg I am so happy is back!!

I'm so happy we get to see Rose!  is just amazing! ♥

OMGGGGGG! CAN'T BREATHHHEEE! ROSE IS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER!  Literally jumping around the room right now!

And so many others ...
It's amazing, I mean ... Rose is one of the characters people can't just forget, so I think ... that's why writers decided to bring her back ... for atleast an episode!

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