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Lauren Cohan live on Talking Dead with Zachary Levi - March 11th 2012

Gosh, it was so funny & exciting! How about checking out my favorite quotes, before you watch ? Great idea ? Okay haha
 Chris: "Zachary Levi and Maggie herself Lauren Cohan ... yeah ... you're a real person !!"   Lauren: "Yeass" (as in ... what ? you thought I was a fairytale?) hahah
"...I'm like 'Wich part of I love you and move into my bedroom' is ever mean?"
"It's like when you don't wanna wash the dishes or cook and you say 'You're so good at cooking' do you know? 'You're so good at running' "
She just can't stop being lovely !!! and I just can't stop loving her ;) Okay now enjoy the videos - thanks to laurencohanFC for uploading them :)
Aaaaannndddd the BONUS segment

You can find the screencaptures from both show & bonus segment in our gallery
Previews are below
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