vineri, 2 martie 2012

"Die Zombie Die"

You're probably wondering ... what the title means. Well I have VERY good news for you. It's a convention !!

"Die Zombie Die" it's a Rogue Events convention for "The Walking Dead" fans in Birmingham (UK). And guess what ? LAUREN COHAN is invited. Amazing, right?  The event will take place in The Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel from October 27th to 28th.
Another guest is Andrew Rothenberg (who played Jim in season 1). More to be announced soon ;)
And if anyone wants to go there .... that's the prize: DZD - Emerald Adult costs £85 (17 or Over), DZD - Emerald Child costs £40 (16 or Under).

Isn't this the best thing you "heard" today ? Another event for Lauren !!!! It's too bad I can't be there (again) but it means a lot to me just to know that she's gonna be there, and we're gonna have picssss and videos and stories from fans ... Can't wait !! :)
By the way, if you wanna know more, click this.

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