vineri, 11 aprilie 2014

Lauren Cohan using Whish Body Products!

Yesterday, our queen, miss Lauren Cohan, posted this photo (below) on her Instagram account, saying "Thank you to my dear friends Whish Body Products for these, you know me too well!"

Well now we know how she has that wish body, right? Haha.
If you want to buy these, try finding where you can, by clicking HERE  or you can buy online (I'll give you the links below)

And now if we do a little bit of math (just for fun, cause math is always so fun haha)... we'll see what Lauren has there (and how much it costs)

  • Body Wash  - $ 18,00 (buy)
  • Sugar Scrub x2 - ($ 38,00 each) = $ 76,00 (buy)
  • Shave Crave x2 - ($ 20,00 each) = $ 40,00 (buy)
  • Body Butter x2 - ($ 24,00 each) = $ 48,00 (buy)
  • Hair Inhibiting Gel - $ 26,00 (buy)

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