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Lauren Cohan "It's no accident that I've been doing a lot of Sci-Fi"

A new interview with our beautiful Lauren, by SciFiNow.co.uk . She talks about her sci-fi roles (such as TVD's Rose, or SPN's Bella.... and of course TWD's Maggie). Enjoy !

"The Walking Dead may have made a fan favourite out of Lauren Cohan, who plays ass-kicking survivor Maggie Greene, but her association with sci-fi and fantasy goes back to her much loved appearances in the likes of ChuckSupernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.
Yeah,” says Cohan, speaking exclusive to SciFiNow, about her enthusiasm for the genre. “I grew up watchingStar Trek, so I’m a bit of a geek myself. I definitely love fantasy realism and I love the stories that you can tell when you take it just outside of the norm. I like working with these people and telling all these stories, so it’s no accident that I’ve been doing a lot of sci-fi.”
As to whether she plans to stick with the genre, Cohan just laughs.
“I’ve done quite a bit now, so maybe I’ll do something a little more modern or realistic!” says the actor. “But I love that with, that it’s very realistic, but in a very unreal setting. My designs for the future definitely include music and theatre, so I’m getting back into the theatre – I miss live performing a lot. Just… the things you learn, the things you learn!”
Just because she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her career chopping up the walking dead, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her job, and more than that she’s got all the time in the world for followers of the hit show.
“Just with as much time as I have to have an individual relationship with as many people as possible,” says Cohan of her strategy for interacting with her fans. “I just really appreciate how loved the show is. We put so much work into it and the fact people have got this exciting about it is only rewarding to us and to everybody involved in the show when it comes to the fans.
“That’s why I like Twitter. I don’t have time to tweet all the time, but I do like actually having one-on-one engagement with people, because they’re there for the show, and they’re there for us. It’s just great to be taking something from such an epic comic and portraying it in a new media, so I definitely respect this gift that we have right now.” "

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