sâmbătă, 16 februarie 2013

Lauren Cohan | The Walking Dead Live in Kansas City Baby!

Michael Rooker shared this one earlier today. They were eating ribs I think!


Then Norman shared this one! So the Dixon brothers really came through for us, huh? ;)

OMG! Norman holding Lauren in his arms! It's the sweetest thing! <3

During the panel. 

Norman was asked, if he had to choose one person to do a sex scene with and he said 'Maggie' (...well, duh!)

With fans, much luckier than we are....

Lauren trying to "tame the wild Dixon brothers!" But it looks to me like she's just trying to get a picture of their weirdness hehe.
Thanks so much to my wonderful friend Anastasia, for this post!!
I'll put them  in the gallery and search for others today, but thank you for this "head start" as you calls it !!
I love you sis!  - Symonna

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