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Lauren on Twitter yesterday - April 15 2012

Wowsh (Wow+Gosh=Wowsh) ... Lauren was on twitter yesterday and she talked about so MANY things! I think I should enumerate them, shouldn't I?

First Topic - Dreams do come true, guyz:
She REPLIED .. to me (us, LaurenCohanRo)
I'm still in shock and last night I dreamt of her, because of that. I just love her so muchhhh!!!!
First I asked her what's next in her "agenda" ... and:
Ok, so this week .. bowling with Chris Hardwick, and how I stressed her way too much yesterday, I'm going to make HIM tweet photos of them. I mean c'mon, we HAVE to see Lauren playing bowling don't we?

Then, as she was replying to fans, I asked her to give me an "xo" ... and guess what ? She gave me TWO !!
Now I'm back to normal I can say, but yesterday, after she tweeted me, I had 3 stages:
  1.  Couldn't breathe, my heart stopped beating!
  2.  Singing "I love Lauren Co, so put another dime in the jukebox baby, I love Lauren Co, so come and take the time and dance with me"   lol, I know .. it's crazy
  3.  And finally ... dancing in the front of the PC. I'm just so happy .. yey!!!
Second topic - Epic movie:
She tweeted the trailer of "Young Alexander of Macedonia"!!!
She and her co-stars from this movie, were talking about it. Then I asked them when will we see the movie, and her friend & co-star Amy Shiels tweeted "Exactly how many fan clubs do you have Cohan haha! xxx?" Hmm .. should I think she saw my tweet ?? I hope so ;)
But wait, there's a longer trailer for this movie:
Wowsh again, I can't wait to see the movie !!! It's gonna be epic !!

Third topic - Dog shelters:
I said it before, and I'm saying this now: Lauren Cohan is a wonderful person!
Tweet: "This is for Atlantans...I'm looking 4a dog shelter that needs help when I get there, if u no one or you run one please tweet me about it.;)" like I said .. WONDERFUL!! She cares about her fans enough much to tweet them back, and she cares about animals enough much to help a shelter. Aww, if I just see a photo of her and a puppy I'm dead !! And maybe she should colaborate with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on helping animals. I mean c'monnnnn .. she and Ian make a great team.

And as a bonus, Steven Yeun posted another pic of them both, a few minutes before they left Chicago or they had left Chi-town already, anyway,  at a hat shop haha;)

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