sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2012

Twitter Update: "Memphis baby"

Lauren tweeted again, earlier today, about her & her dad's trip.

"Hi all...with my Dad driving cross country for the first time! Left Bricktown, Oklahoma city this morn, next stop Memphis baby! We did 16 hours then burger and beer at bricktown brewery. Proper way to finish the day. ;)"

Aww, that's a nice way to end the week. Nothing's better than traveling with your daddy. I know it myself ... it's just lovely. So I hope she has a great time & tweet pics later or tomorrow.

But wait ... I almost forgot ... she replied to us (@LaurenCohanRo) AGAIN :) I feel like she's starting to love me <3 you know that kind of ... "I have a(nother) true fan". I should have made the twitter account a LONG time ago ... now she would know how long we've been supporting her. But later is better than never, right? 
So do you think that ":) "means that she likes it, or that she agrees with the fact that she has two personalities ... I mean .. not really two personalities ... but look how different she looks. It's like they're sisters ... but it's the same girl.

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