vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

TV Line about Rose's return in Vampire Diaries

So TV Line has an article about Lauren's return on The Vampire Diaries for the next episode (or maybe more?). Let's see:
"The Walking Dead actress/Supernatural alumna appears briefly in a promo for the CW saga’s next new episode (airing April 19), reprising her role as Rose, the likeable vamp who midway through Season 2 suffered a horrific werewolf-bite death.
In the upcoming installment, titled “Heart of Darkness”, Damon and Elena head to Denver to check on Jeremy — and since they’re already there, why not have baby bro put to good use his “I See Dead Vampires” skills?"
Hahah ... that's funny. And yeah, they should make Jeremy see her as often as possible, because people REALLY missed her.

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