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New interview with Lauren, from MCM Expo

DIY ( has an interview of Lauren from MCM Expo in Birmingham.

How did it feel coming into an already established cast in Season Two?
Amazing. I think the story that I've gotten to tell as Maggie and as part of the whole Greene family has been very exciting. To be a family that hasn't been exposed to the whole - as Hershel would call it - a virus. And then literally just to be side swiped first by the group and then by the zombies like we see at the end of the season. We've basically gotten to do everything under the sun in Season Two and there's still more to come in Season Three!

How is it to play love scenes when you're surrounded by carnage?
I think it makes it easier in a way and I think when you're on The Walking Dead and you're thinking about if you only had your few loved ones left your access to your emotions is very close to the surface so it's been good. I think what's great about Maggie and Glen is the solace that they find in each other. You know it's an unlikely situation but their bond is actually there regardless of the apocolypse.

In the finale there's a great scene with Maggie driving while Glen is shooting zombies from the car window. How much of the driving did you do yourself?
All the driving. All of it. The stunt guys were all there, the stunt guys on our show are absolutely incredible. And it was just, "don't drive too fast and don't hit anybody." Everyone's a lot closer than they seem camera wise, some of the shots there's a camera rigged onto the front of the car. It's scary though [laughs].

Do you know what's going to happen with Maggie in future Seasons?
To a certain degree it follows the comic book, she has a lot to do this Season, she gets a lot tougher. We're really out there in the wild now there's no safety anymore. I can't wait, I literally cannot wait, I've got goosebumps now when I think about it! It's fun because the writers talk to us a lot about our relationships with the characters and our ideas for that but they're still very tight lipped about what's coming. I wish I could give you more teasers than that!

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