luni, 15 aprilie 2013

Twitter News: Golf games, season wraps & others !

So I had no internet for 2 days ... only 2 days and when I checked twitter all this happened:

"Last day of season 3 xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox @Laurie_Holden"
Awww, a lovely pic from the season 3 wrap !!! They're so cute ahh <3

"Good eats! #joesrealbbq #gilbertaz"

Apparently she watched a golf game of the Masters Team, then tweeted a photo of Adam Scott wich you can see HERE , and a few other tweets about the game & players:
  • "Adam Scott just now! Yeah!! #masters"
  • "Masters so exciting right now"
  • "Playoff !!!!!"
  • "Oh Cabrera #oophthisistough"
  • "Go Aussies! Go Scott #bothsuchgoodsportsmen"
And then .... GUESS WHAT? She tweeted a photo of HERSELF playing golf !! Oh my godness this is heaven for me ... I love seeing photos of Lauren doing everything: from roadtrips, to whale watching, to playing golf OMG!
She also had some amazing & funny replies for some fans! <3

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  1. Golfing, huh? I think she was really inspired by Adam Scott. Hehe! Uhm, you can say that Lauren is an adventurous person. She’s always willing to try something new. Well, trying out things you never did before gives you a sense of fulfillment. You will always feel great afterwards as you were able to prove yourself that you can do it.
    Renee Powell @ Faulkwood Shores Golf Club