luni, 8 aprilie 2013

Lauren @ Tampa Bay Comic Con - Full Panel, Photos & Tweets!

Lauren and Emily were so sweet together at the Con in Tampa Bay! They really are like sisters!

Enjoy the panel thanks to Geek Me Out:

And a short lovely video from the Signing - HERE

Click on the pic above to see all the pics thanks to everyone who was there! 
Special thanks to Sammi & Brittany! I love you girls for keeping me updated!
If some of you want specific credits to your photos just askm and I'll write them! I can't exactly write names of 100 people, but if 100 people ask for them, I will! :) Thank you so much!

Plus, after she left earlier from the panel (due to a family emergency, I hope everything is ok) she tweeted this:
Click HERE to see a short video of the crowd in Tampa Bay saying "Hi" to Lauren !!! (Thanks Lauren Cohan Online)

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