vineri, 5 aprilie 2013

Lauren Cohan is the fans-favourite to play in the new "Lara Croft"

I know this might not mean anything to the producers, but I'm still excited!! I've always wanted for Lauren to play 2 of my "dream-characters": Lara Croft & Blood Rayne ! Seeing that other people see Lauren as Lara makes me really happy! has written:

"When we heard there would be a new ‘Tomb Raider‘ movie, the obvious question was, Which actress should succeed Angelina Jolie? Word is the new film will be adapted from the latest video game, which follows a young Craft on her first epic adventure. So when we got a closeup of the game character, only one name came to mind — Lauren Cohan.
The ‘Walking Dead’ star is ready to wow fans of the AMC series with the upcoming season 3 finale this Sunday, but she previously had a little stint on ‘Law & Order: SVU‘ for the “Legitimate Rape” episode. So is she ready to break out even more with ‘Tomb Raider’? Who knows, but if she ever wanted to, she could use her Lara Craft look alike status as leverage."
Also, on the website there's a poll, go vote - HERE

What do YOU guys think?
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