miercuri, 18 septembrie 2013

Lauren's MAXIM Photoshoot Style - Part 1

All I can say about Lauren's photoshoot for MAXIM is ... WOW. I'm so surprised, so happy! She looks so gorgeous and absolutely sexy! I remember the days when I was literally praying for Lauren to have photoshoots and look at her now: MAXIM, Nylon, Foam, Emmy, Esquire - finally it is Lauren's time to show her beauty in photoshoots and talent in movies and tv series: I can't explain how excited I am !

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I personally LOVE her style in this photoshoot (when do I not love her style?! lol ), and I hope I'll be able to find the other clothes, too, but until then:

  • Clothes: The stylist (Steph Strate) chose a simple black tank by Alexander Wang, Fiorentini + Baker Boots and Levi's Shorts.
  • Makeup: The make-up artist (the one and only Jamie Greenberg) used Mark. cosmetics - and just look at her - perfect choice!
  • Hair : The hairstylist (Alex Polillo-from Magnet Agency) used Bumble and Bumble for her hair!
  • Nails: The manicure was realised by Tracey Sutter.

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