miercuri, 27 iunie 2012

Old (but new to us) photo of Lauren & Michelle Massey

So, unfortunately I wasn't able to update you guys lately, because I had exams (UGH) but guess what ... today was the last one and from now on ... NEWSSS.

So about that photo ... well first let's see it:
I think the photo is from when Lauren had her longer hair ... but anyway, she looks so cute & lovely.
This girl, Michelle posted it on twitter with the message: "@LaurenCohan looking through old photos and found this. It was a good day!" Well I asked her how old the photo is, and now I'm waiting to see if she replies ... if she does, I'll update you guyz and tell you :)
Love you, xoxo

Wow .. so I found out that this pic is from 7 years ago now ...WOW (no words). So this makes it 2005 & when Lauren was about 23 years old. Aww, That's so amazing!

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