vineri, 15 iunie 2012

Lauren will not be attending the Denver Comic Con!!

:-(  I can't believe it. We all waited for it for so long .... and she is not gonna attend anymore. Ok it's not her fault though (damn you TWD S3 Filmings). So yeah .... I wasn't kidding in the title. She isn't attending.
Denver Comic Con Official Facebook wrote:   "Our Super Fans, 
We regret to inform you that Lauren Cohan will be unable to attend the Denver Comic Con this year. Her responsibilities for filming ran longer than expected and she was unable to pull away to attend our con at last minute.

Ms Cohan was truly looking forward to coming, as she has never been to Denver, and was looking forward to meeting the fans and seeing all the city has to offer. We at DCC have been told her that if her work schedule allows, she would love to be invited back for 2013. Please accept our regrets. "

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