marți, 8 mai 2012

All Star Bowling: Lauren & The Walking Dead vs Nerdist!

OMG! I remember (and you all should remember) when Lauren told us that she'll play bowling with Chris Hardwick! Well, as you may know "NERDIST" has a kind of a show called "All Star Bowling" in wich there's a Nerdist Team and another team: in our case "The Walking Dead Team" with:

  • Robert Kirkman- Creator/Executive Prodcuer (Childs Play)
  • Steven Yeun -- Glenn (Big Brothers, Big Sisters)
  • Lauren Cohan -- Maggie (Ace of Hearts Dog Shelter)
  • Scott Wilson -- Hershel (MPTF Community Care Fund)
So probably Lauren is already helping a dog shelter called "Ace of Hearts"?? But I know what you're all craving for .. THE VIDEO:

I will make screencaps, add them in the gallery and make another post a little bit later. 
Love you guys !!! Xoxo

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