duminică, 22 ianuarie 2012

TWD Exec Producer Glen Mazzara talks about Lauren and Maggie

 The showrunner/ Executive producer of The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara has given us the honor of sharing some mysterious informations about Maggie Greene and about our Lauren Cohan.
He said on Twitter: "I love Lauren Cohan. Great Actress." and then "She's great as Maggie. Has really terific stuff coming up. We're lucky to have her."  And some informations without spoilers: "Lauren Cohan's a huge tallent who's done a great job bringing Maggie to life. No spoilers. I CAN say we are very lucky to have her on TWD."
Hehe :) That's really nice! And he's right, she's a really talented actress and she deserves the best ( meaning LOTS of new projects)

Credit: http://laurencohan.wordpress.com/

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